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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In Trouble

Perilous trouble
Turbulent perceptions burst
Seeking security

We are in trouble
Torn apart contentiously
Tearful, in dismay

Troubled and pleading
Save us, save us from ourselves
We cannot be saved

Troubled in spirit
The soul of the world, distressed
Burned with sacred fire  

Troubling ignorance
Blinders falling like a mask
Groping through the haze

Monday, January 21, 2019

Holiday - Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day 2019
Monday, January 21st


Today we celebrate the life and work of the Reverend Doctor, Martin Luther King Jr., a man who more than any other fulfilled the role of prophet, as a voice of conscience, and like so many prophets before him, he was killed for speaking the truth.

He was a prophet, not in the sense that he saw the future (though he did), that is not what a prophet is. A prophet is not a seer, or an augurer He was not a prophet in the sense that he had a unique channel to God, the creator of the universe, or that God spoke to him in a privileged way.
God speaks to all of us in the same way.

Martin Luther King had no more, and no less access to supernatural powers than any of us, what made him different was that he chose to listen.

He listened to the voice of God that speaks to each and every one of us. He heard the voice of God speaking that speaks to all of us in the hidden chambers of our hearts, and he responded to the call, by cleaving to the message and sharing it with the world.

There are many memes circulating today of the good Reverend Doctor, memes like the picture I have pasted at the beginning of this essay.

Today we are given countless opportunities to reflect on his likeness, to consider his words, to reflect on their meaning, and on the life of an American Saint, if there ever was one, and we are wise to do so.

We are wise to remember the man, Martin Luther King Jr., a rare person whose measure exceeded the ordinary flaws that make us all human, he lived beyond them.

Martin Luther King Jr. transcended even death, though he was taken by the assassin’s bullet. He lives now in our collective consciousness, our collective conscience, in our global psyche, speaking to us from the dimension of myth; a human being more than human, a child of God a overflowing with grace and wisdom, sharing its cup so that upon drinking we may aspire to the same.

He spoke truth to power, and gave hope to the powerless.

He was once considered to be the most dangerous man in America, and from the he became our most beloved hero, the prime exemplar of what it means to be an American.

He was beaten and arrested dozens of times, for the crime of seeking justice.

His life was threatened daily. His reputation was smeared without regard for the truth, or appreciation for his selfless works.

He was killed for his efforts, shot down, but not destroyed.

He was, and continues to be an example to us all.

Our prophet, The Reverend Doctor still points the way, lighting the long journey that still lies ahead of us.

Emergence 4.0 - Part One, Jim and Kathy; Chapter Two, Departure

A Novel – One Chapter Per Week
Week 03, 2019

Jim finished his coffee, gathered himself and hurried from the café.
He had a plane to catch, a funeral to prepare for and he was afraid he would miss his flight if he lingered any longer. The timing of his departure, and precisely where he was in flight when he set the final stages of his plan in motion, those things were crucial.
He had to keep his activities hidden from the prying eyes of his enemies.
He returned to his apartment to gather some things, to set the artifacts in his apartment in just the right place for Kathy to find in the days to come.
She must be able to track his thoughts and follow his plans when the time came.
He did not need much of anything to take with him; his black suit, his watch, his tie.
“I’m dead;” he mused, and then “I am death itself, the harbinger of doom.”
He knew that he would never return to his beloved Earth, and that even if he did, nothing would be the same. The cultures that had evolved over the past seventy thousand years would be wiped out, with no guarantees that what would emerge in its place would have any of those qualities that he loved and found so fascinating.
The humans of Earth had nourished his spirit for millennia, he had found his rest in them, and they had helped him define his purpose.
He allowed himself some time to remember all that he had accomplished since he found this world. Then his telephone rang to inform him that his taxi had arrived.
With a final check of his preparations Jim exited his apartment. He walked down the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Taking in the view of the lakes from the mezzanine of his apartment before he got in the car.
Jim was struck as he had been many times before by his feelings of ambivalence, knowing what was going to happen to this planet in a few short days, while the entire population of the Earth was completely unsuspecting.
It was a strange burden.
Jim contemplated it while he made small talk with the cabby, before he fell into a state of reflection.
“I never should have seen her.”
Jim thought, doubting himself.
He felt himself filling-up with regret.
It was an emotion he was not inclined to do, but at this moment he could not help it.
He reviewed each step of his plan, reviewing it for every possible detail, believing, and yet uncertain that he had laid the path for Kathy to follow it perfectly.
He visualized each step, telling himself that his indulgence today was a necessary one, he had to see Kathy in order to reinforce, in non-verbal ways, his absolute need for her to follow the plan that he had laid out.
Another wave of doubt washed over him.
Was he being foolish when he asked her to see him?
His emotions were running high, too high. They might alert her to his design.
Whenever he was with her, through all of the years that he had known her, he had to maintain a strict discipline in order to shield his mind from hers. It was the most difficult thing he had ever done, but he was able to do it nonetheless.
He could feel her consciousness probing his, like psychic tentacles pulling at his mind. Never once had she penetrated him, and that was only because she was not trying.
As forceful as her psychic powers were, they functioned within her autonomically. She was not directing them, she was a passive user of her powers.
For her safety, she had spent most of her life learning the skills she needed to suppress her powers, rather than push them to the limits.
Jim was always aware that if she had wanted to she could break through his defenses with relative ease.
When the time came, it was paramount that she be taken by surprise, his plan depended on shocking her at just the right moment.
The delicate path he was walking filled him with dread, and sorrow, and guilt.
Jim couldn’t help himself. It was all over; it was over for everyone, and nothing could be done.
It was doom’s day.
What was about to occur would be a global catastrophe. It would affect everything on earth, changing humanity irrevocably, killing hundreds of thousands in minutes, millions in days, and most of the rest in the few short years to come.
            Very few human beings were even aware of the danger. Human scientists had only discovered the existence of the volcano that was the agent of their destruction,a few decades past. It took years for them to measure and quantify their data, even now they were in a place of uncertainty.
The geological system was too complex, they did not know how much they did not know.
There was no way to reasonably predict an event they had never experienced before, the certainty of which was absolute, but the frequency of its repetition occurred on a scale of time so great that the leading geologists had to admit that they could not pin point the eventuality within years, or decades, or centuries.
For all they knew it could be millennia before it erupted again.
No one disputed the fact that the event was overdue; it was overdue by several thousand years. But then again what is a thousand years, or even ten thousand years when the periodicity approached a million.
It was impossible to tell.
They watched over the sight as carefully as they could.
They measured every possible feature of the hazard zone.
They released reports.
Some reports were so alarming that the Federal Government decided to restrict the way that information was disseminated.
They adopted the view that it would be better, if when the event occurred it took everyone by surprise, because there was nothing they could do about it anyway.
            Even with their careful observations and their watchful analysis, no one expected it to come now.
The data, which every geologist believed indicated an immanent eruption, had led to numerous false conclusions in the past.
At the present moment, there was nothing happening, to tell them of the mounting threat.    
Like every planet, Earth endured episodic calamities; cycles of massive storms, great floods, powerful hurricanes and tremendous earthquakes. These were minor events compared to the power of the caldera volcano.
There were catastrophes that came from beyond the planet, such as; collisions with comets and asteroids. They had happened many times and Earth would experience those events again, or come close to it.
Given time, the advancement of technology and proper planning, any of those events could be avoided.
A civilization could gain complete control of its weather, could identify every fault zone and only build structures that were capable of allowing the force of an earthquake to pass through it. They could set satellites in orbit around their planets, string them together throughout the solar system, so that no object passing near to it would not be seen, enabling them to be diverted or destroyed.
Technology could accomplish all of those things, but nothing could stop the power growing within the Earth.
The heat of Earth’s molten core powered the entire planet.
It was the engine of life, and evolution. 
Nothing could stop it, but given time its heat could be harnessed and used for the benefit of the world.
It was time that human civilization did not have.
The monster beneath the surface was stirring and would rise.
They were approaching the end of days, it would be the beginning of the long night.
Human beings would survive, they would survive better than they did when the last caldera blew, seventy-two thousand years ago, but the new civilization that emerged on the other side would be radically different.
They would not be starting over, that much was true.
Their technology had advanced far enough to guarantee a relatively rapid recovery.
In the last event only a couple of thousand human beings survived, that number would be hundreds of times greater.
Billions would be wiped from the face of the earth, and those surviving would emerge with a unified human culture.
In his heart Jim desired nothing more than to belong to that new human culture, but he would not be returning.
When the last caldera blew in the South Pacific, in Indonesia. Only a few human beings survived, a couple of thousand people in a few hundred tribes scattered across Eurasia and Africa.
It had been six-hundred and forty thousand years since the Yellowstone caldera last erupted in North America, in Wyoming, nearly wiping out all life on Earth.
The coming cycle of destruction would be greater still.
The human race would survive, even without the kind of intervention that Jim could have given them, if the Continuum had allowed it, but civilization would collapse.
The species would pass through a genetic bottle neck, and what would emerge on the other side would be different.
The psychic trauma would be extreme, it would wound the survivors in ways that no person could predict. The narratives that they would develop in order to contextualize all of their pain could potentially derail Jim’s work.
Earth’s magnetic field which enveloped the entire species in a cynergenic web, making the humans of Earth unique in all the galaxy, was itself under threat.
Jim was virtually certain that he had succeeded in developing the vessel that was key to his larger machinations, he had accomplished his work, he had brought it all to fruition in the final generation.
He only needed to deploy her.
Everything depended on Kathy, on the strength and range of psychic abilities, yes, but even more importantly, on her fortitude. She had to possess the stamina to stand in the space between worlds and pass the collective trauma of earth on to the Central Planet.
This was not something he had been given the time to test.
He desired nothing more than a resolution to the ambitions that had been driving him, or so he told himself, even if it meant failure. Even failure would resolve him, by prompting the Collective to abandon him and allowing the Continuum to finally terminate him.
In one form or another death awaited him.
What he desired more than anything was success, and then at long last to die in an organic body a natural death, un-enmeshed from the constraints that the Continuum had tethered to every member of the Collective, even to those Observers serving in the far reaches of the galaxy.
Jim reflected.
If civilization on Earth had been given a little more time to develop, Earth’s technology a little more time to actualize, human beings would have been able to harness the geological power of the caldera.
The power they could have captured would have changed everything for them, resolving issues of energy scarcity that had been elusive, or socially impossible for them to tackle.
In another century, or possibly sooner they would have had it, he lamented.
            These children of the ancients, who had devolved like no other group. This far flung colony in the most remote reaches of the galaxy, possessing no memory of who they were or how they arrived here, they would have been able to re-establish themselves as a spacefaring people in earnest.
The Continuum would not allow for an intervention, even though it seemed that the will of the Collective was for it.
A majority of those who followed the drama unfolding on Earth were in love with its art, and music, its joy and trauma, a majority of them wanted to see Earth’s narrative continue.
Even though Jim was certain that the Continuum had no idea about his plans, he sensed that it perceived Earth and human civilization as a threat to it.
Of course he knew that the Continuum perceived him as a threat to it.
He believed that this was the reason for blocking him, not a dogmatic adherence to a policy of non-intervention, which was the reason the Continuum issued for why it would not allow resources to be mustered to save the planet,
It would not allow Imperial communications to be established with Earth in such a way that it could help them.
Jim might have helped Earth by strategically distributing knowledge in such a way that it would have advanced Earth technology, but he refrained for fear that it would draw further scrutiny to him, risking the exposure of his plan
Jim worked covertly against the restraints, appearing to comply, because he did not wish to jeopardize his long term ambitions.
It would be difficult, if not impossible to conceal a new mode of treason from the watchful, and penetrating gaze of the all encompassing consciousness of the HomeWorld.
He could do nothing else but fulfill the directives he had been given.  
Jim had to say goodbye.
There was a cloaked satellite orbiting far above the earth, one of many.
This one was the actual house of Jim’s consciousness. It was the principle platform for Jim’s mission on Earth, one of thousands of satellites, and drones, hidden from the eyes of human beings, and from the Continuum.
Some were fixed in stationary orbits, other moved about, semi-autonomously, all of the watch the planet and intercepted its communications with inexhaustible capacities.
In that place, Jim the Observer # 92835670100561474 activated a switch, sending a signal to his host body, and with that, an embolism in his doppelganger burst inside its brain, ending its life in a massive stroke.
Jim’s doppelganger had been flying on a plane from his Midwestern home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to New York city.
The destination was only important for the route and the timing Jim had planned for his death, to covertly transfer his consciousness from his organic vessel to the orbiting platform.
Those sitting next to him did not notice the moment of his demise. It was only as the plane made ready for its descent that the airline attendants found something wrong with him, saw the thin line of blood dripping from his nostril, and that he was not breathing.
They did what they could for him, but they quickly realized that there was nothing to be done.
They called ahead for a doctor, indicating that they were dealing with a medical emergency, but in reality, they knew that they were dealing with a corpse.
Jim observed those final moments, the last seconds of the body that housed him during his most significant incarnation, the life that would define his entire existence, expose his greatest secrets, give him the victory he had long sought over the Collective and its Continuum.
When he was satisfied that he was mentally prepared for the challenges that awaited him. He toggled another device, opening a channel through space and time.
He paused for a moment to consider the steps he would take on the other side. He did something that was forbidden, something he had not planned on doing, had told himself he would not do, he left a copy of himself in the quantum memory of his base, and then he let his consciousness go, slipping into the stream of the infinite.
He passed through the wormhole.
He was home.

Emergence 4.0

Part One, Jim and Kathy
Chapter Two, Departure

A Novel – In One Chapter Per Week

#Emergence #ShortFiction #OneChapterPerWeek

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Homily - The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading - Isaiah 62:1-5 ©
Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 95(96):1-3,7-10 ©
Second Reading - 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 ©
Gospel Acclamation - 1saiah 3:9, and John 6:68
Alternate Gospel Acclamation - 2 Thessalonians 2:14
The Gospel of The Day - John 2:1-11 ©

In the reading for today from the prophet Isaiah, we receive an expression of profound hope for the future of Israel and by extension the whole world.

Was Christians, and as theists we are called on to brandish that hope, carry it forward, not only for ourselves, but for all people in all places at all times.

Following the thought of Isaiah we come to understand that this hope is like the hope of a young couple entering into marriage. They do not know what the future will bring but they are determined to face it together, believing that together they can endure whatever comes their way that threatens to overwhelm them.

Together they are stronger, together they are wiser, together they are better, and the love they share with one another, in the view of the prophet, it is like a bright and beautiful gem, it is a crown upon their heads or a beacon on a hill lighting up the night.

Listen to Isaiah and bear in mind, the prophet speaks from a position of wisdom and ignorance both, as do we all, knowing some things and not knowing others.

Isaiah speaks well of faith and hope but not of God’s activity in the world. There are other things expressed in the reading for the day than the hope Isaiah points to, He also speaks of his belief in that God, the creator of the universe has played a role in shaping the destiny of Israel, and by extension the world.

Know this:

God has made both us and the entire creation free. God does not coerce anything or anyone. God does not intervene in worldly affairs, either for our benefit, or to our detriment. We are free, as individuals and in the collective whole.

This is what our faith tells us to look to God for, to deliver us to a place of safety and joy, of love and rest, bring us to a place of wellbeing, not in this world, but the next.

God has promised to deliver us when we are done with this world, not now, but after.


It is right to praise God; the creator of the universe. It is right and good.

It is right to treat our discourse concerning God with respect and honor; God is holy and our discourse should keep in mind the sacred nature of God’s blessed work, but it is wrong to think of God as a Lord.

Disregard the psalmist when he speaks in this way and remember, god has already judged the world, God has judged the entirety of the created order, god Judged it at the beginning while seeing the end, God judged it and proclaimed that it is good.

This is what our faith instructs us to believe.

God is not to be feared, but trusted.

Be mindful.

As a theist I will happily proclaim that there is only one God, I will tell you that the infinite can only be expressed by the numeral one, the infinite is one, one undivided, indivisible being.

There are no other God’s, but we should respect and strive to understand all of our language concerning the sacred, pertaining to the reality of the divine, from whatever culture or whatever nation it comes.

There is only one God, and none of us understand God perfectly. No one ever has.

Remember this:

God’s salvation is close.

Have no fear, the ministers of God are ministers of hope.

The glory of God does not come and go according to our deeds and merits. God is always present, God is present in all times and all places. God is with you now.

Believe it without fear.

God’s salvation reaches everyone, not because any of us deserve it, but simply because God loves all of us, every last one of us.

Be mindful.

God welcomes our participation in the work of the faithful, and there is much work to do. There is a role for everyone to play, both inside and outside the church, but mostly outside of it, with the people, with those feeling most alienated from the divine.

Everyone of us comes to that work with different gifts, different abilities and talents, we are called on to use them for the benefit of our brothers and sisters, for those who share the same faith and for those who do not.


The reward for your faithful service is peace, it is peace in this life, and the knowledge that you have lived well, acted justly and done good.

Do not fear.

God has prepared you for eternity, but eternal life is not your reward. It is a gift of love that God has extended to you, simply for being you.

We are given the thoughts of Saint Peter to think, Peter who denied Jesus three time on the night he was arrested, Peter would have us believe that he follows Jesus because Jesus has the secret message that leads to eternal life,. He is thinking like one of the Gnostics here, as if there passcodes and secret ways that would lead a person upward on a journey through the heavens, until the come to the place of everlasting paradise.

Saint Peter puts this forward as if this were the purpose of the Gospel as if believing that Jesus is the “Holy One of God” is the key to receiving it the benefit he seeks.

This faith is born from fear, from a fear that God will not deliver on God’s promise, that God is not with us, and that our salvation is something God cannot manage without us.

Reject this fear.

The Gospel is this; it is simply this. God loves you, and you are saved.

You are not saved for anything that you have done, you did not earn it, you are saved because God loves you. There is nothing more to it, there is nothing that you have to do, and the same is true for everyone.

The promise of salvation is not that you will be spared from suffering and torment in hell, or that when you are judged God will forgive you.

The Gospel is this: God has already forgiven you. You are already saved you have been since the beginning, when God looked on creation and proclaimed that it was good.

God has prepared you, and everyone for eternal life. Believe it!

Let the goodness of the promise flow through you now, start living this life as if it were true.

We are not called to believe in the idea that Jesus is this or that, the Holy One of God, we are called to act on the principles of his faith, to live lives of charity and service to one another other.

From the beginning, God chose all people to receive the sanctifying spirit, God created each person in the divine image, have placed within them a seed of the eternal Word. Through the Good News given to us by Jesus of Nazareth we learn to trust in the truth of that proclamation.

As people of the faith we have a duty to adhere to the truth. The spirit of God is the spirit of the truth, of truth shining in the darkness.

Consider the Gopel for the day, ask yourself this: Where is the truth in this myth?

Jesus was not magic.

God is not a miracle worker.

Read literally; this story is a lie. Jesus never turned water into wine. It is likely that the entire event never happened, that the entire thing is make believe.

There was no wedding at Cana.

Mary did not call on Jesus to work wonders. People did not follow Jesus because they saw him to wonderful tricks.

That is the truth behind this reading.

So what is happening here? This it is not a story of who Jesus was or what Jesus did, we are not called on to believe anything about those things based on this narrative. It is a story that tells us something of what people came to believe about Jesus a hundred or so years after he was killed.

It may be a story about Jesus and John the Baptist. It may be an apology of sorts; a defense of Jesus given to the followers of John, insofar as John came first, but John was the lesser of the two prophets of that era. The people might have expected the best to come first, like the wine at the wedding, but like the stories of the Patriarchs, the second son was favored more, and so Jesus came to surpass John.

It might be that, that would be a fair reading of the mythological trope. This is the best understanding. The Wedding of Cana is not a miracle story, it is a parable. It intends to convey a simple set of beliefs; Jesus did not come to carry the mantle of John, his work is not an extension of the former. Jesus came carrying the promise of the covenant.

He came with a different teaching altogether, and a radical departure from the prison of the law, he came to preach on a message of love, of service and humility in the furtherance of the good.

First Reading - Isaiah 62:1-5 ©

The Bridegroom Rejoices in His Bride

About Zion I will not be silent, about Jerusalem I will not grow weary, until her integrity shines out like the dawn and her salvation flames like a torch.

The nations then will see your integrity, all the kings your glory, and you will be called by a new name, one which the mouth of the Lord will confer.

You are to be a crown of splendour in the hand of the Lord, a princely diadem in the hand of your God; no longer are you to be named ‘Forsaken’, nor your land ‘Abandoned’, but you shall be called ‘My Delight’ and your land ‘The Wedded’; for the Lord takes delight in you and your land will have its wedding.

Like a young man marrying a virgin, so will the one who built you wed you, and as the bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so will your God rejoice in you.

Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 95(96):1-3,7-10 ©

Proclaim the wonders of the Lord among all the peoples.

O sing a new song to the Lord,
  sing to the Lord all the earth.
  O sing to the Lord, bless his name.

Proclaim the wonders of the Lord among all the peoples.

Proclaim his help day by day,
  tell among the nations his glory
  and his wonders among all the peoples.

Proclaim the wonders of the Lord among all the peoples.

Give the Lord, you families of peoples,
  give the Lord glory and power;
  give the Lord the glory of his name.

Proclaim the wonders of the Lord among all the peoples.

Worship the Lord in his temple.
  O earth, tremble before him.
Proclaim to the nations: ‘God is king.’
  He will judge the peoples in fairness.

Proclaim the wonders of the Lord among all the peoples.

Second Reading - 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 ©

The Spirit Distributes Gifts to Different People Just as He Chooses

There is a variety of gifts but always the same Spirit; there are all sorts of service to be done, but always to the same Lord; working in all sorts of different ways in different people, it is the same God who is working in all of them. The particular way in which the Spirit is given to each person is for a good purpose. One may have the gift of preaching with wisdom given him by the Spirit; another may have the gift of preaching instruction given him by the same Spirit; and another the gift of faith given by the same Spirit; another again the gift of healing, through this one Spirit; one, the power of miracles; another, prophecy; another the gift of recognising spirits; another the gift of tongues and another the ability to interpret them. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, who distributes different gifts to different people just as he chooses.

Gospel Acclamation - 1saiah 3:9, and John 6:68

Alleluia, alleluia!

Speak, Lord, your servant is listening:
you have the message of eternal life.


Alternate Gospel Acclamation - 2 Thessalonians 2:14

Alleluia, alleluia!

Through the Good News God called us
to share the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Gospel - John 2:1-11 ©

'My Hour Has Not Come Yet' - 'Do Whatever He Tells You'

There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee. The mother of Jesus was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited. When they ran out of wine, since the wine provided for the wedding was all finished, the mother of Jesus said to him, ‘They have no wine.’ Jesus said ‘Woman, why turn to me? My hour has not come yet.’ His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’ There were six stone water jars standing there, meant for the ablutions that are customary among the Jews: each could hold twenty or thirty gallons. Jesus said to the servants, ‘Fill the jars with water’, and they filled them to the brim. ‘Draw some out now’ he told them ‘and take it to the steward.’ They did this; the steward tasted the water, and it had turned into wine. Having no idea where it came from – only the servants who had drawn the water knew – the steward called the bridegroom and said, ‘People generally serve the best wine first, and keep the cheaper sort till the guests have had plenty to drink; but you have kept the best wine till now.’

This was the first of the signs given by Jesus: it was given at Cana in Galilee. He let his glory be seen, and his disciples believed in him.

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Leadership - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


T-Rump was forced to put some sanctions on the Russians when he first took office.

We had to punish them for the Invasion of Ukraine, the illegal annexation of Crimea, and interfering in the 206 Presidential Election.

T-Rump didn’t want to do it. He has business with the Russian’s. He does not care a tiddle about what is taking place in Ukraine, and the Russians interfered in the election to help him win

Trump did not want to punish them, not one little bit.

Do you remember when Mitt Romney complained that Barrack Obama was being naïve because he would not recognize Russia as a grave geo-political threat. Obama, who was President at the time, only considered them to be a minor regional player, albeit, with a whole lot of nuclear missiles.  

I was with Obama at the time, I thought he had the sense of things, but Russia’s campaign in the United States caused us to have to reevaluate the extent of their reach.

Mitt Romney, Senator Mitt Romney now, he never quit complaining about that faux pas.

T-rump did not want to sanction the Russians, but a sanctions bill passed anyway, with veto proof majorities in both houses. Even the republican Congress of 2017 had the sense to do what was right.

Then some time passed, there was another election, T-Rump decided to ease some of those sanctions on his own.

Eleven Republican senators joined with the Democrats to say no. Mitt Romney, the newly elected senator from Utah was not one of them.

Old Willard has been pretending that he would be one of those responsible Republicans who would stand up to Trump, but this week, when it came time to stand up to him in relation to our biggest geo-political foe.

That is what passes for leadership among Republicans today.