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Saturday, December 12, 2015

City of Water, and Wild Places

Collected Haiku

City of Water
City boys running
Hard streets are streams of concrete
Hot tar, cool water 

Resting on the plains
Astraddle the river’s banks 
Flowing, from the sky

Root, shoot and blossom
Dig deep, push, reach for the wind
Drink from the black earth

The Chain of Lakes
Cedar, Kenilworth
Isles, Calhoun, Harriet; flow
The path of glaciers

Childhood Homes
A place to lay down
I keep my books, blanket, bed
Head on my pillow

Transitional Homes
Basement rooms, attics
Living in construction zones
Homes of becoming

Liminal Homes
Rooms that were not mine
A couch to sleep on, roaches
Moving all the time 

Adult Homes
Shelter, organize
Give something to the good world
Planted flowers bloom

Elementary Schools
School, turned inside out
Piles of brick, dust…flowers plucked
Fish out of water

Middle Schools
Watch alien run
Hide in the lonesome shadows
Dream the days away

Skipping School
Quiet corridors
Cool, pale marble, dark granite
Walking into myth

High Schools
Day dreams of night life
Hours slip past, girls smile…flashing
Freedom in their lips

Drop Out
Nineteen eighty-five
Sixteen with snow in April
Sun filled day and cold

Adult Education
Open book work-sheets
Measure minutes as learning
Copied from the key

Water, wind, and waves
Celebrate, walk the parade
Liquid summer, play

A place to escape
Swing, fly, gliding across ice
Tell stories in sand

Lake Street
The strip, straight and wide
Pool hall hustlers, dealers, vice
Twenty-one bus ride

The Tracks
Trains run…kids balance
Skip along the iron rails
Arms outstretched like wings

Stink in the alleys
Seeps from concrete corridors
Beneath the skyway

The lighted marquee
Under, the flashing tower
Smoke, drink and laughter

Pools and Fountains
No wading? No! Dance!
Light play ‘cross cool water, waves
Splash in sculptured pools

Deer roam the city
Quiet hooves on hidden paths
Where there is no hunt

Pedal far, ride fast
Bound only by water, East
Push into starlight

Saint Anthony’s step
East meets West; sky, and river
Fall into the plains

Dance between stones, run
Through the night with heroes, ghosts

Tears water the grave

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