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Sunday, April 24, 2016

On Agrarianism and Slavery - Part II

It would be difficult to press an argument that the advent of farming has been bad for human culture, and so I will not try to do that. It would be nearly impossible to argue that advances in agriculture lead to an increase in human misery. The more that human beings have advanced their skill at farming, the more human beings those advanced societies have been able to support; agriculture supports larger populations, with longer life spans, and greater immunity to disease. I am not arguing that the rise of agrarianism has been harmful to humanity, but I will show that some of the social structures which emerged together with agrarian culture were fundamentally unjust, and that these social structures, like slavery, and classism, leading to the concentration of wealth, have perpetuated injustice throughout the centuries and across the millennium. These structures were not planned. They evolved over centuries; along with the legal codes that supported them, and it will require insight, and planning if we are to deconstruct them; if, in the interest of a more just society we should choose to do so.

We must understand the roots of our social order, in particular, the root causes of the injustices that permeate it. The greater our understanding; the more empowered we will be to change it.

Human beings are not static creatures. We are dynamic; as such, we do not have to live with static social systems. We are free to change them. If we are to exemplify the principles of justice, if we are to broaden its franchise to everyone living within the aegis of our social system; we must.

This essay looks into the earliest commentaries and myths regarding the rise of city-states, and agrarian societies, to the instantiation of the economic and social forces which separated people into classes, the forces that established the institutions of slavery and provided for the mass concentration of wealth. The essay will also explore the earliest warnings human beings sounded regarding those corrupting forces given in the most ancient commentaries, texts, and myths regarding the dangers of these systems to the future well-being of humanity.  

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