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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day is my Birthday

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

All of our eggs are in one basket.
We live here together and we have no place else to go.
The world is a big place and it can take a lot of damage, but our ecosystems are specialized and fragile, the world will survive many things that we cannot.
We are charged with the care of the world. This is a sacred imperative, presented in our sacred texts. This is a categorical imperative as well, if we do not care for the world, the world may just shrug us off, or shrug enough of us off in a calamity that will change us forever, our cultures, our language, even our DNA.
There are natural disasters built into the structure of the planet, into the mantle and the core. There are massive volcanoes, and there is continental drift. There are calamities heading our way, from sailing through the vacuum of space, on a collision course with earth.
There are asteroids and comments that we will collide with, if we are unable to work cooperatively to gain alter those eventualities.
Those things are baked in. They are existential threats, but they also represent opportunities for the advancement of science, and unification of the human race. Given enough time, it is possible that we could even harness the power of the greatest volcanoes, turn their destructive energies to the benefit of humankind, or move the near Earth from their path.
We face other threats right now, immediate threats, threats of our own making.
We are changing the climate. The planet is warming. The oceans are becoming more acidic. We are changing their salinity. We are filling the atmosphere with toxins. Glaciers are melting. Sea levels are rising We are polluting our freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. We are losing topsoil, our forests, our reefs.
Our stewardship is failing. We are divided, against each other…greed drives a short sighted political mindset that seeks to turn the people against their long-term interests. Politicians and their wealthy patrons silence, and undermine our scientists, they cast doubt on any field of inquiry which might lead to a curtailment of their industry. Our stewardship is failing.

Earth Day 2017, all of our eggs are in one basket, the basket is fragile. There is no other. 

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