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Monday, October 2, 2017

Observation - October 2nd, 2017, Monday


There was lightning, and the bright crack of thunder.
At 2:00 am, my cat came to sleep under arm,
Rain was fall hard against the house, against my windows.
Thunder rolling across the city, otherwise dark and quiet.

The news was of a shooting in Las Vegas.
A man with an automatic rifle shooting from an elevated position in to a crowd.
Twenty or more people killed, one hundred more injured.
The shooter himself had been found and killed by the police.
The Sheriff is not giving details.

America is on fire, and breaking apart at the margins.
Storms pound our coasts, and millions of people are flooded;
Without homes, without power, without medicine, without clean water.
The occupant of the oval office is playing golf, and whining.

America is on fire.

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