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Friday, October 6, 2017

On the Freedom to Marry - Part XIV

It is unjust to deny to the right of marriage to American citizens.

American citizens, those Americans that are homosexual, make up a vital part of our population. The United States Census[1] taken in 2010, tells us that same-sex couples makes up 0.5 percent of all households in America.

Prior to The Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, in most states they were denied the right to marry, and the marriages that were entered into legally, in the few places where it was legal, did not have to be recognized.

This group of people, American citizens, numbering over 1,200,000; were kept in the status of second class citizens. A return to those shameful circumstance threatens the unity of the nation.

Americans cannot allow for the passage of laws that restrict the franchise of citizenship to over 1,000,000 Americans, we cannot allow that to define our nation; dis-united.

We cannot return to a place where such restrictive laws set this whole group apart and deny them the basic liberties that every other citizen may enjoy.

One million people is three times the population of the city where I live; Minneapolis, Minnesota.

There are twelve states, including the District of Columbia whose entire population is less than the number this number.

There are nearly one and a half million American citizens who are paying taxes, contributing to our economy, working as doctors and lawyers, working as mechanics and carpenters, as scientists and clergy who are being threatened with being disenfranchised, denied the right of self-determination, the ability to pursue their own happiness. just because they are different, not different in the quality of the contribution they make to our culture, not different in regard to their being more [or less] law abiding, but different in regard to who they love.

Gay women and gay men will always exist as a part of our population. They will be with us in roughly the same proportion to the rest of the population as they are today, but the number of actual human beings will continue to grow as our population grows.

Imagine for a moment all of these people, these million people and add to that number all of the others who are like them, gay, but who have not submitted to being counted. Imagine them filling every football and basketball arena, every baseball field, every hockey stadium and every civic center in the country, and now imagine how it is that we can deny this great assemblage of citizens the rights of full citizenship.

How do we explain that? What basis exits for shutting them out?

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