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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Three, Earth; Part Sixteen, Existence; Chapter Three, Stereo Hearing

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 115, Wednesday
April 25th, 2018

Chapter Three: Stereo Hearing

Talking was the basis of sharing every advanced idea, and had been since the earliest days of the Ancient race.

Talking was the precursor to writing, and through the written language, the secrets of the universe were cracked open.

Talking, the verbal sharing of ideas, feelings, and perceptions, shared through aural communications, in waves of sound, this mode of transmission is deliberate. It is slow and luxuriant compared to the speed of light at which visual and digital communications takes place.

The slowness of speech was dumbfounding to the Continuum, many potential observers were washed out of the program because they could not adjust to this reality.

Neither sound waves, nor light waves could come anywhere close in comparison to the instantaneous transfer of thought in the quantum field.

In the field of quantum entanglement, communication could happen in no-time.

Sound was so slow, and intimate, the only thing more sensuous was touch.

Sounds and voices, they are waves crashing through the body, through the whole body, much more than the auditory canal.

To listen to the voice is to listen to the breath, to feel the living intention of the speaker, your dialog partner, adding depth and meaning to every insight they intend to impart to the other.

The embodied voice calls us back to the primordial time before the species knew anything of the stars, when we were just amphibians crying out for company, bellowing peels of warning, singing by the breeding pools in the night.

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