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Saturday, April 7, 2018


We face tests all the time, in academics and in life, at work and at play we are challenged. For each of the tests we face the key to success is preparedness.


Gather the essential data prior to the time of testing, practice the moves, repeat the steps. This is the essence of learning.


Organization is key. Sort the data in the manner that most properly suits the nature of the test itself. Approximate as near as possible the physical conditions you will face.


Your time is limited. Your time will always be limited. Break up your study and practice into easily managed stages, execute them accordingly.


Prevent random events from intruding on your agenda, and you will prevent yourself from performing poorly. There will always be demands on your time that you cannot account for. If you are unable to prevent the intrusion, adjust your schedule and compensate to make up the time. The unknown is always with us, just as change is the only constant.


Poor planning will result in poor performance. Performance and planning are inextricably linked. You will arrive at the outcome you have prepared for.


Practice does not make perfect, it merely raises the probability of success.


Stay Grounded, neither overestimate your abilities, nor underestimate the challenge. When you have internalized the data and prepared for the broadest scope of contingencies, you are ready to reflect on the meaning of what you have learned in preparation for the test facing. You have arrived at the synthesis. You are able to employ your understanding beyond the question(s) and challenge(s) that you will encounter in the test that is at hand.


Your skill and accuracy, your knowledge and understanding will manifest themselves in direct proportion to the time and energy you have spent in preparation.


The time is now.


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