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Friday, January 22, 2016

Emergence: Section One, Jim and Kathy; Part Two, Departure, Collected Chapters

Departure; Part Two, Chapter One: Funeral

Pt. 02, Ch. 01
Jim hurried from the cafĂ©; afraid to miss his flight. He did not need much; black suit, a tie. “I’m dead;” he mused.

Departure; Part Two, Chapter Two: Regrets
Pt. 02, Ch. 02
“I never should have seen her.”
Jim couldn’t help himself. It was all over; for everyone, and nothing could be done.

Departure; Part Two, Chapter Three: Doom
Pt. 02, Ch. 03
What was about to occur would be a global catastrophe; affecting everything on earth, changing humanity irrevocably.

Departure; Part Two, Chapter Four: Cycles I
Pt. 02, Ch. 04
Earth endured episodic calamity. Storms, floods, earthquakes were minor events compared to the power of the caldera.

Departure; Part Two, Chapter Five: Cycles 2
Pt. 02, Ch. 05
Seventy thousand years had passed since the last caldera blew; only a few people survived it. This would be greater.

Departure; Part Two, Chapter Six: Lament
Pt. 02, Ch. 06
If civilization had developed further, it would have harnessed the geological power of the caldera; but no disaster!

Departure; Part Two, Chapter Seven: Goodbye

Pt. 02, Ch. 07
Jim flipped a switch. The embolism in his doppelganger burst, ending its life. He entered the wormhole. He was home.

Section One, Jim and Kathy
Part Two, Departure,
Collected Chapters
Section 01, Jim and Kathy
Part 02, Departure
01 Funeral
02 Regrets
03 Doom
04 Cycles I
05 Cycles II
06 Lament
07 Goodbye

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