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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blue Green Farm

Blue Green Farm

What does it mean to be a farmer

Of all the people bearing that name

Who owns that title more?

Landlord, farmer floating above the green

And grime

Landlord, farmer detached from the earth

Your fingers do not push in the soil

Landlord, farmer absent from the field

            The nurturing field

To whom does the title belong?

Is the fieldhand the farmer
The worker?

The unnamed laborer who plots
plucks and picks

Is she the farmer; is he?

Sweat of the hireling drips from her brow

            Waters the rows

Field-hand-not farmer, he carries

No title

 Worker-not-farmer with no claim

To the land

There are tractors that cost millions of dollars

Driven by satellites from beyond the world

A thousand laborers could live like princes for such


Those noble people, sprung from the green Earth,

Beneath the blue sky

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