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Friday, February 19, 2016

Emergence: Section One, Jim and Kathy; Part Six, Debriefing, Collected Chapters

Debriefing; Part Six,
Chapter One: Concealment
Pt. 06, Ch. 01
Jim had made the crossing thousands of times, but never carrying a secret. There was no way to know what would come.

Debriefing; Part Six,
Chapter Two: HomeWorld
Pt. 06, Ch. 02
HomeWorld was not home to Jim, nor was it a world in the proper sense. It could seem like either; if he believed it.

Debriefing; Part Six,
Chapter Three: Screening
Pt. 06, Ch. 03
Jim went to the council; sharing his consciousness, memory, and experience, but hiding his plan deep within himself.

Debriefing; Part Six,
Chapter Four: Secrets
Pt. 06, Ch. 04
Secrets were forbidden, but this was a lie. The Continuum hid things, everyone participated. Concealment was an art.

Debriefing; Part Six,
Chapter Five: Identity
Pt. 06, Ch. 05
Since his last mission Earth’s tech had advanced dramatically, Jim used it to alter his mind, and shield his secret.

Debriefing; Part Six,
Chapter Six: Connection
Pt. 06, Pt. 06
The catastrophe struck. Millions died in seconds, and Kathy was connected to all of them. Jim transmitted all of it.

Debriefing; Part Six,
Chapter Seven: Shock

Pt. 06, Ch. 07
Jim opened his mind to the Continuum. The pain of Earth streamed through the quantum field, flooding the collective.

Section One, Jim and Kathy
Part Six, Debriefing;
Collected Chapters
Section 01, Jim and Kathy
Part 06, Debriefing
01 Concealment
02 HomeWorld
03 Screening
04 Secrets
05 Identity
06 Connection
07 Shock

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