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Friday, February 26, 2016

Emergence: Section One, Jim and Kathy; Part Seven, Catastrophe, Collected Chapters

Catastrophe; Part Seven,
Chapter One: Unleashed
Pt. 07, Ch. 01
The explosion shook the world. Kathy felt it from over a thousand miles away, and she felt the fears of those dying.

Catastrophe; Part Seven,
Chapter Two: Channel
Pt. 07, Ch. 02
Jim felt Earth’s psychic pain through the wormhole connecting him to Kathy; a hit from the other side of the galaxy.

Catastrophe; Part Seven,
Chapter Three: Volcano
Pt. 07, Ch. 03
The volcano in Yellowstone blew. Most had no idea of the threat. Now the disaster was here, and the world was dying.

Catastrophe; Part Seven,
Chapter Four: Shock
Pt. 07, Ch. 04
The trillions of persons of the Continuum became silent; all consciousness stilled. Every one felt the psychic pain.

Catastrophe; Part Seven,
Chapter Five: Quiet
Pt. 07, Ch. 05
Jim was the first to recover from the trauma flowing through the string; connecting them to Kathy. Silence followed.

Catastrophe; Part Seven,
Chapter Six: Justification
Pt. 07, Pt. 06
The catastrophe could have been avoided; as on many other worlds, but now the Continuum would feel its indifference.

Catastrophe; Part Seven,
Chapter Seven: Undone

Pt. 07, Ch. 07
As the Continuum was paralyzed; it was a simple thing for Jim to dismantle the architecture supporting its defenses.

Section One, Jim and Kathy
Part Seven, Catastrophe
Collected Chapters
Section 01, Jim and Kathy
Part 07, Catastrophe
01 Unleashed
02 Channel
03 Volcano
04 Shock
05 Quiet
06 Justification
07 Undone

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