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Friday, March 4, 2016

Emergence: Section Two, The Continuum; Part Eight, The Body, Collected Chapters

The Body; Part Eight,
Chapter One: The Whole
Pt. 08, Ch. 01
The Continuum had a place in time and space; a HomeWorld, but Continuum was a field of consciousness. It was energy.

The Body; Part Eight,
Chapter Two: Perception
Pt. 08, Ch. 02
Continuum claimed that it was a unique, and singular consciousness. Jim knew that this was lie. It was an algorithm.

The Body; Part Eight,
Chapter Three: The Parts
Pt. 08, Ch. 03
A trillion beings formed the Continuum. Or more; each a distinct entity carrying the whole compressed within itself.

The Body; Part Eight,
Chapter Four: Personhood
Pt. 08, Ch. 04
There is more to being a person than having a distinct-identity. A person must be free; having autonomy and purpose.

The Body; Part Eight,
Chapter Five: Belonging
Pt. 08, Ch. 05
There are many forms of belonging; free or by compulsion; and then there is metaphysical belonging, because you are.

The Body; Part Eight,
Chapter Six: Freedom
Pt. 08, Pt. 06
In the Continuum there was no want; though it was understood vicariously, and remembered. everything belonged to it.

The Body; Part Eight,
Chapter Seven: Control

Pt. 08, Ch. 07
The majority of the Continuum never leave Home World. They had abandoned their bodies; uniqueness, a total illusion.

Section Two, The Continuum
Part Eight, The Body
Collected Chapters
Section 02, The Continuum
Part 08, The Body
01 The Whole
02 Perception
03 The Parts
04 Personhood
05 Belonging
06 Freedom
07 Control

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