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Friday, March 11, 2016

Emergence: Section Two, The Continuum; Part Nine, The Ancients, Collected Chapters

The Ancients; Part Nine,
Chapter One: History 1st
Pt. 09, Ch. 01
The Continuum came from animals; bipeds with hemispheric brains; who found immortality in the magic of the electron.

The Ancients; Part Nine,
Chapter Two: History 2nd
Pt. 09, Ch. 02
For billions of years the Continuum evolved; emerging from water, reaching beyond their world, and out to the stars.

The Ancients; Part Nine,
Chapter Three: History 3rd
Pt. 09, Ch. 03
The Continuum found a way to the stars; colonizing planets; launching ships, planetoids, living vessels in the dark.

The Ancients; Part Nine,
Chapter Four: History 4th
Pt. 09, Ch. 04
Over billions of years millions of worlds were populated by the Ancients; establishing the foundation of the Empire.

The Ancients; Part Nine,
Chapter Five: History 5th
Pt. 09, Ch. 05
The children of the ancients spawned civilizations that flourished, and died; while in the center Continuum emerged.

The Ancients; Part Nine,
Chapter Six: History 6th
Pt. 09, Pt. 06
Continuum was the undoing of Death, allowing a person to upload their consciousness into a field of perpetual being.

The Ancients; Part Nine,
Chapter Seven: History 7th

Pt. 09, Ch. 07
Death would not be cheated by the Continuum. None of its members talked of this. The Continuum was a trap, a miasma.

Section Two, The Continuum
Part Nine, The Ancients
Collected Chapters
Section 02, The Continuum
Part 09, The Ancients
01 History 1st
02 History 2nd
03 History 3rd
04 History 4th
05 History 5th
06 History 6th
07 History 7th

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