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Friday, March 18, 2016

Emergence: Section Two, The Continuum; Part Ten, The Hunger, Collected Chapters

The Hunger; Part Ten,
Chapter One: Malaise
Pt. 10, Ch. 01
There are silences in the Continuum that span eons; as the members are quiet, observant, consumed by time’s passage.

The Hunger; Part Ten,
Chapter Two: Fascination
Pt. 10, Ch. 02
There is a pervasive curiosity in the Continuum; concerning the culture of their offspring; a consumptive curiosity.

The Hunger; Part Ten,
Chapter Three: Apathy
Pt. 10, Ch. 03
The Continuum had no sense of time, or its place among the stars. They did not consider that anyone could harm them.

The Hunger; Part Ten,
Chapter Four: Control
Pt. 10, Ch. 04
The Continuum left nothing chance. It ruled an empire, it filled the galaxy like a hungry God devouring experiences.

The Hunger; Part Ten,
Chapter Five: Taboo
Pt. 10, Ch. 05
For the Continuum all experiences were fodder for its need to feel and be something. Intervention was the one taboo.

The Hunger; Part Ten,
Chapter Six: Domination
Pt. 10, Pt. 06
The Continuum feared that its progeny would find a path to their own immortality. This potential was always crushed.

The Hunger; Part Ten,
Chapter Seven: Addiction

Pt. 10, Ch. 07
The Continuum was a psychic vampire, living vicariously; feeding off the lives, and tragedies of billions of worlds.

Section Two, The Continuum
Part Ten, The Hunger
Collected Chapters
Section 02, The Continuum
Part 10, The Hunger
01 Malaise
02 Fascination
03 Apathy
04 Control
05 Taboo
06 Domination
07 Addiction

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