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Tuesday, March 15, 2016



On the mantle above my desk

Where I sit at the computer, hands at my keyboard

Writing, fingers typing, thinking

There is a collection of stones, pebbles, figures

Toys gathered in a few uneven rows

Nick-knacks, chess pieces, a Lego-man, Stormtrooper

At the center, in the middle, a push-toy

A small figurine made from wood dowels, and beads

Made to stand on a platform; a platform

A pedestal, green, and raised, like a stage, or a dais

Red flowers, and white, painted round

Atop that little step, stood a creature like a bee (a bee with four legs)

A bee with black wings, red nose, and smiling

Curls of black hair poking through a blue cap

Pick it up and push, push into the base

Push the button and release the tension in the wires

Wires threaded through its beaded legs

The smiling bee will lift for a moment, and fall to the side

A simple toy

            For simple times

The falling figure

The friendly bee

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