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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Suffer the Flower

Suffer the Flower

I touched her thigh and Death smiled

Said Morrison; in his American Prayer[1]

Left handed Death is Lord of the harvest      

Fecundity, fertility – the fallen

                        Seeds, blown from the stamen of the flower

                        Caught by the wind like the spray of

Water from a fountain

Oh Death, take my hand and spin with me

Turning on the wheel of Life

Bright fingered Life is Mother of us all

            Heliposis, heuchera – the human

                        Conceived in the heat of ecstasy’s thunder

                        Birthed in agony; reaching for the light cold air

                                    Of morning     

[1] Jim Morrison, An American Prayer, The Doors, Elektra/Asylum Records, 1978

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