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Friday, April 22, 2016

Emergence: Section Three, Earth; Part Fifteen, Observation, Collected Chapters

Observation; Part Fifteen,
Chapter One: The Paintings
Pt. 15, Ch. 01
People painted, projected images of the future cave walls; and stones, the past also, things no one living had seen.

Observation; Part Fifteen,
Chapter Two: The Music
Pt. 15, Ch. 02
Drums, rhythm; pushed the stories of each tribe, each family deep into the memory of its members changing their DNA.

Observation; Part Fifteen,
Chapter Three: The Memory of Stars
Pt. 15, Ch. 03
Their culture had devolved; from star to cave, yet it retained a memory of its ancestry; knowledge encoded in cells.

Observation; Part Fifteen,
Chapter Four: Mutation
Pt. 15, Ch. 04
On their sojourn to Earth humans had mutated their DNA, allowing them to inhabit, and thrive on the wet, blue world.

Observation; Part Fifteen,
Chapter Five: The New Gene
Pt. 15, Ch. 05
Changes beget changes. The Ancients became humanity, their genes converged with native life. They became new people.

Observation; Part Fifteen,
Chapter Six: Collective Consciousness  
Pt. 15, Pt. 06
Receptors emerged in the human brain; linking it to the Earth’s magnetic fields. In this, humanity became connected.

Observation; Part Fifteen,
Chapter Seven: Synergy

Pt. 15, Ch. 07
Few humans were aware of the collective consciousness. Everyone was entangled in it, and it made many of them crazy.

Section Three, Earth
Part Fifteen, Observation
Collected Chapters
Section 03, Earth
Part 15, Observation
01 The Paintings
02 The Music
03 The Memory of Stars
04 Mutation
05 The New Gene
06 Collective Consciousness
07 Synergy

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