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Friday, April 29, 2016

Emergence: Section Three, Earth; Part Sixteen, Existence, Collected Chapters

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter One: Flesh  
Pt. 16, Ch. 01
The flesh remembers. Bodies change with every new experience; each new thread, woven proteins in the fabric of life.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Two: Bi Pedal
Pt. 16, Ch. 02
Stand against the pull of gravity; under the weight of atmosphere. Pivot on a central axis; dance on two feet, walk.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Three: Stereo Hearing
Pt. 16, Ch. 03
Communicating in sound is slow; luxuriant compared to light. Waves crashing through the body, adding depth to sight.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Four: Binocular Vision  
Pt. 16, Ch. 04
A band of light pierces organic lenses, from corner to corner 180 degrees; color and depth fill the field of vision.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Five: Hemispheric
Pt. 16, Ch. 05
A cognitive override; flooding the organ with fear, or desire; then, split down the middle; left for right, duality.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Six: Thirst   
Pt. 16, Pt. 06
A body needs water, oxygen in the lungs; to thirst is to know that the end is near; the end of the body’s suffering.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Seven: Duality

Pt. 16, Ch. 07
The body is a cognitive organ, with a chemical drive fed into the quantum field; a neural net rooted in the organic.

Section Three, Earth
Part Sixteen, Existence
Collected Chapters
Section 03, Earth
Part 16, Existence
01 Flesh
02 Bi Pedal
03 Stereo Hearing
04 Binocular Vision
05 Hemispheric Brain
06 Thirst
07 Duality

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