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Friday, May 27, 2016

Emergence: Section Three, Earth; Part Twenty, Collective, Collected Chapters

Collective; Part Twenty,
Chapter One: Family  
Pt. 20, Ch. 01
The care of a loving family is like the wet, clinging mesh of a spiderweb. Familial obligations are invisible bonds.

Collective; Part Twenty,
Chapter Two: Kin
Pt. 20, Ch. 02
Family becomes a clan. Loyalties are set in the body, by chemicals, enzymes, and proteins; bonds we do not question.

Collective; Part Twenty,
Chapter Three: Village
Pt. 20, Ch. 03
Hierarchies emerge in village life; at the well, the markets, places of worship, judgment. The center is everything.

Collective; Part Twenty,
Chapter Four: Tribe  
Pt. 20, Ch. 04
There was safety and competition, there were shared customs, stories, and rituals in the tribe. There was otherness.

Collective; Part Twenty,
Chapter Five: City
Pt. 20, Ch. 05
People flowed into the urban centers to trade, and work. Families dispersed, becoming less important than neighbors.

Collective; Part Twenty,
Chapter Six: State    
Pt. 20, Pt. 06
Cities gathered villages to themselves, as families did kin, in ancient bonds of vassalage; bond of the imagination.

Collective; Part Twenty,
Chapter Seven: Nation

Pt. 20, Ch. 07
Common language, and custom formed nations out of states, for security, prosperity; old allegiances shifting outward.

Section Three, Earth
Part Twenty, Collective
Collected Chapters
Section 03, Earth
Part 20, Collective
01 Family
02 Kin
03 Village
04 Tribe
05 City
06 State
07 Nation

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