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Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to Handle T-Rump - Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


How to Handle T-Rump

Secretary Clinton is the presumptive nominee for President; of the Democratic Party. She is going to face Donald Trump in the contest for President of the United States.

The primary race among the Republicans has been a demoralizing, and depressing experience for almost everyone I know; watching Trump run away with it, using tactics like: fear mongering, xenophobia, class war fare, race baiting, intimidation, violence, name calling, and lies.

T-Rump, has run through the field of his republican opponents like a dinosaur run amuck.

They did not know how to deal with him. They were afraid of offending the crowds of people who came out to support him. Afraid of challenging the fringe groups who had taken control of the party apparatus, the teabaggers, the white nationalists, the poorly educated; whom T-Rump says he loves.

There were too many of them on the stage when the primary process started, they split the votes of traditional republicans among themselves, leaving the larger body of Christian-Constitutional hypocrites to T-Rump. There were more of them than anyone believed existed, but they should have known.

The number of self-professed evangelical Christians, who were willing to overlook their typical pious self-righteousness in order to justify a vote for T-Rump was wildly surprising to people like Ted Cruz, who lost those votes to T-Rump. It was mildly amusing to me; to watch the costumes come off, and reveal all of that cynical non-sense.

Those Christians who criticize Jimmy Carter, and Barrack Obama; while adoring the misogynistic, infidelitous, lying, thieving, abusing Donald Trump, who in acts of naked pandering held up a Bible and claimed it was his favorite book in the world, next to his own Art of the Deal.

And they bought it. And they bought the notion that T-Rump is a so called constitutional conservative (never mind the fact that there is no such thing), like them, that he shares their twisted republican concerns for issues of; private property, free speech, the right to bear arms, etc…even though in his private business practices he violates all of those tenets regularly.

T-Rumps republican opponents utterly failed to deal with a guy, who gets up on the stage and lies through his teeth, while successfully branding others as liars; who panders and promises, flip flops faster those covering him can track.

Last week, in the space of one breath T-Rump said; I don’t want more guns in classrooms, I mean I do think teachers should be armed, but I not saying we should have more guns in classrooms. Some people say teachers should be trained and armed in the classroom. There are horrible things going on in our schools.

There is not a single policy issue which T-Rump has addressed that his has not handled with this same level of exactitude. This might be funny if it was a joke, but it is not, and so it is terrifying.
Secretary Clinton, as the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for president; she has different options when it comes to dealing with T-Rump. What is imperative is that she is consistent, and careful.

Secretary Clinton, and former President Clinton (her husband), they should never even speak his name. He himself is not worthy of mention, because his candidacy is just a big sad joke. It is a horrible farce being played out on the national stage.

She should challenge his policies with her own. but never him directly. Leave the work of challenging T-Rump to her surrogates and supporters. They should make light of him, make fun of him, mock him, treat him as the ridiculous buffoon he is; because that is what he is.

Do not challenge T-Rump on the things he promises to do; building the border wall, deporting immigrants, banning Muslims. Do not challenge him on those things because he has no actual plan to do them, he cannot do them, and in fact he will not even try.

Challenge him on concrete things; his dismal business record, his bankruptcies, the lawsuits that are pending against him, his lies about his financial status, the cheap quality of his brand, his performance on his reality show, his face in the cleavage of Rudy Giuliani in drag, his cheating on his wives, the sexualization of his daughter. Those records are real, there is audio, there is video, there are court transcripts, and depositions, there are numerous records of his fraud, dig for them plaster him with them.

Tell jokes about him, make him into the joke that he is.

There is no other way to deal with T-Rump, and it is the same strategy you always pursue against your political foe, no matter who they are. Brand with the truth about their character, confirm what people already know.

He is a charlatan.

He is weak.

He has no character.

His brand is gaudy, and cheap.  

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