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Friday, June 17, 2016

Emergence: Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-two, Childhood, Collected Chapters

Childhood; Part Twenty-two,
Chapter One: Memory
Pt. 22, Ch. 01
Kathy lived in two worlds; one, her senses; two, the larger world of memory. Memory spoke to her in word and vision.

Childhood; Part Twenty-two,
Chapter Two: Memories
Pt. 22, Ch. 02
There were hidden places within her; languages that no one spoke. There was love, pain, and the promise of becoming.

Childhood; Part Twenty-two,
Chapter Three: Remembering
Pt. 22, Ch. 03
Memories came unbidden; and understanding from her ancestors, deciphering events, answering questions in an instant.

Childhood; Part Twenty-two,
Chapter Four: Knowledge  
Pt. 22, Ch. 04
The new was surreal to Kathy, like watching movies in a blurry, off-axis context; voices inside her, shaping events.

Childhood; Part Twenty-two,
Chapter Five: Knowing
Pt. 22, Ch. 05
Knowing came unbidden, filling her at quantum speed; the meanings of symbols, and of histories, filtered in no-time.

Childhood; Part Twenty-two,
Chapter Six: Understanding    
Pt. 22, Pt. 06
Comprehension came from outside time and space; trillions of points of light drawn into the concrescence of insight.

Childhood; Part Twenty-two,
Chapter Seven: Expressing

Pt. 22, Ch. 07
Kathy played, sang, spoke in her own voice, sensing the multitude guiding her fingers, brushes, pen, and her tongue.

Section Four, Kathy
Part Twenty-two, Childhood
Collected Chapters
Section 04, Kathy
Part 22, Childhood
01 Memory
02 Memories
03 Remembering
04 Knowledge
05 Knowing
06 Understanding
07 Expressing

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