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Friday, June 24, 2016

Emergence: Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-three, Prodigy, Collected Chapters

Prodigy; Part Twenty-three,
Chapter One: A Funny Child  
Pt. 23, Ch. 01
Kathy loved jokes, even as an infant she picked up the punch lines. It was the first thing to mark her as different.

Prodigy; Part Twenty-three,
Chapter Two: A Strange Child
Pt. 23, Ch. 02
Kathy was quiet, observant. She did not flit about randomly like babies do. She was focused, balanced, and cautious.

Prodigy; Part Twenty-three,
Chapter Three: A Frightening Child
Pt. 23, Ch. 03
From crawling, to a walk, to dancing in months; Kathy never spoke until she was able to speak in complete sentences.

Prodigy; Part Twenty-three,
Chapter Four: Discipline  
Pt. 23, Ch. 04
Direction came from within; memories, ancestral voices focused her. Plans formed spontaneously to realize her goals.

Prodigy; Part Twenty-three,
Chapter Five: Conformity
Pt. 23, Ch. 05
Kathy mastered tasks without effort. Only muscle memory took time; the skill of blending in, hiding her differences.

Prodigy; Part Twenty-three,
Chapter Six: Quietude    
Pt. 23, Pt. 06
To get along; Kathy had to be silent, listen, to wait, to let the others fail; success for her was a private affair.

Prodigy; Part Twenty-three,
Chapter Seven: Other

Pt. 23, Ch. 07
Kathy was young when she realized she was different. Her parents were afraid, afraid for her. She was like an alien.

Section Four, Kathy
Part Twenty-three, Prodigy
Collected Chapters
Section 04, Kathy
Part 23, Prodigy
01 A Funny Child
02 A Strange Child
03 A Frightening Child
04 Discipline
05 Conformity
06 Quietude
07 Other

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