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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Guns and Selfish Stupidity - Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


Guns and Selfish Stupidity

People want the things that they want, and there is no changing that.

How is that for a statement of extreme ambiguity?

The culture of America is rotten, we are a society of spoilt rotten children, full of people who cannot bear the thought of being told no…

No you cannot have sex with me…
No you cannot have that assault rifle…
No Christianity is not the state religion…
No you cannot legislate morality…

Not all of us are this way behave this way, and not everyone who has these tendencies behave this way in all circumstances. However, the latest generations of American’s to come of age have come of age in a culture, that promises them everything, and prepares them for nothing.

We have a culture that rewards the losing team, and gives trophies to children just for participating, because it is worried about hurting a child’s feelings, or because we cannot suffer to see them cry.

We have a society that tells children they are winners, no matter how poorly they perform; without the patience to teach them how to loose with dignity, how to discover their own path, how to find the things they excel at, how to practice and develop their skills.

Let me be clear about this…this has become they culture of America, a culture of selfish stupidity, but the permissiveness of this culture does not extend to all people, it is largely restricted to the white-upper-middle-class, and to boys and men over their feminine counterparts.

The permissiveness is restricted to those groups, but not the expectation, and so what a slap in the face it is to the poor and the marginalized; to the brown skinned people, to the immigrants and to our 
sisters when they are confronted with the cold reality that they are not members of the in-club.

We now have a legal defense called affluenza, that allows white boys to walk free after pleading guilty to homicide, or being convicted of rape.

Police shoot and kill brown skinned people with impunity, with their only defense being; that they were scared.

The single largest religious group in America; Christians, pretend that they are being persecuted because they cannot name the bible as the official state book, or display the ten commandments in a courthouse, or when people frown on them for saying Merry Christmas.

They cannot have it their way…they get angry, they throw tantrums, they try to pass laws restricting the rights of everybody who is different from them. They want to interfere with a woman’s private consultations with her doctor. They want to tell American citizens who they can and cannot marry; nevermind what the Constitution says and what the Supreme Court has held about the right to privacy, equal protection, the separation of church and state, or the common contract clause.

They want to teach creationism in schools, re-write American History, and deny the best science on climatology.

They are spoilt rotten children.

The second amendment says this:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Based on this, they wish to assert their absolute right own and carry whatever weapons they can afford to purchase; without regulation of any kind: no licensing, no insurance, no registration, no waiting, no limits whatsoever.

They want what they want and they will not be told no.

They will justify their right to these things to the point of absurdity, they will end their argument with the claim that they need these weapons to defend themselves from the government, making any effort by the government to regulate these weapons proof of their claim.  

They are more than spoiled rotten children, they are deranged, and that philosophical derangement perpetuates a system wherein the truly sociopathic, the psychotic, and those who are otherwise insane can acquire these things with ease; both legally, because of the lack of proper oversight; and illegally because of the sheer abundance of these weapons available (numbering in the millions) in every community across the country.

This is stupid (I do not like to use that kind of language), it is so stupid.

The only person who cannot understand the logic behind the notion that we need to limit the kinds of weapons available to the public; the kinds of ammunition, the and other accessories, that we need to begin this right now: is either A. mentally incompetent, or B. they just want to have their way and cannot admit that they are wrong.

If we begin today to restrict these weapons, to regulate them (as we should with a well-regulated militia), to register them, to license the owners, to require insurance, to conduct back-ground checks, to institute waiting periods, we would begin saving lives today.

We cannot succumb to the notion that criminals will get them anyway, therefore we cannot restrict the law abiding.

Criminals are not born criminals; they start out as law abiding citizens, and then engage in criminal behavior because they lose their minds, or they become desperate, and all too often because they feel entitled; because they have a grievance, and they fell entitled to exact justice on their wife or girlfriend, on black or brown people, on gay people, or on the whole country.

The weapons they use for those purposes need to be regulated. Regulating them will save lives.
It may take generations to clean up all of the illegal guns that are on the street, to reduce that available supply to the criminals who go to the underground market to acquire them, just because it is a big job does not mean we should not start now to do it. Reducing that supply begins with regulation.

There is no time like the present.

Veteran, USN

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