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Friday, July 15, 2016

Emergence: Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-six, Adulthood, Collected Chapters

Adulthood; Part Twenty-six,
Chapter One: A Place in the World
Pt. 26, Ch. 01
Kathy’s sensitivity to motive was profound. Millions were spent to mask them, to foster in her a sense of belonging.

Adulthood; Part Twenty-six,
Chapter Two: Valued
Pt. 26, Ch. 02
At work everything was contrived, scripted meant to make Kathy feel safe, loved. Over time the false front vanished.

Adulthood; Part Twenty-six,
Chapter Three: Work
Pt. 26, Ch. 03
The analysts came daily. Kathy listened, read papers, watched film, and shared insight from the depth of her memory.

Adulthood; Part Twenty-six,
Chapter Four: Career  
Pt. 26, Ch. 04
Kathy loved problem solving. Helping people pleased her; the greater the complexity, and length of time, the better.

Adulthood; Part Twenty-six,
Chapter Five: National Security
Pt. 26, Ch. 05
Kathy’s focus was narrow. Her handlers limited what they asked her, fearing that she would expose their own secrets.

Adulthood; Part Twenty-six,
Chapter Six: Religion   
Pt. 26, Pt. 06
Religious conflict shaped the 20th century and Kathy’s input was invaluable. Her memory produced volumes of insight.

Adulthood; Part Twenty-six,
Chapter Seven: Writing

Pt. 26, Ch. 07
Her handlers engaged Kathy through writing; submitted questions. She wrote papers giving detail, context, and depth.

Section Four, Kathy
Part Twenty-six, Adulthood
Collected Chapters
Section 04, Kathy
Part 26, Adulthood
01 A Place in the World
02 Valued
03 Work
04 Career
05 National Security
06 Religion
07 Writing

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