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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tyrannus Minimus - Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


Tyrannus Minimus

Donald Trump is a candidate for the office of President; President of the United States of America. He will receive the nomination, later this month, of the Republican Party; the Grand Old Party. He ran through his opponents in the primary field like a tyrannosaurus-rex, he chewed through his sixteen opponents like that great beast would have chewed a hulking carcass of carrion.
T-Rump; he cannot be allowed to hold the office. T-Rump is a tyrant in the making.

T-Rump gave a number of speeches on the campaign trail this week. Those speeches were filled with the kind of vitriol he spews. You will be familiar with it if you have spent any time listening to him over the past year.

He groans about the stupidity of “our leaders,” and praises the leaders of other countries; like Mexico, and China, as smart, and sharp, and better than those representing the United States; better in every way. He provides no information, there are no statistics, he has not a single number at his disposal to make his case. The speeches he gives in this vein are long, whining spectacles, broken up by low pitched groans, and occasional shouts.

T-rump offers no discussion about how much we trade with other countries, about are Gross Domestic Product (GDP), about the actual trade deficits we face, about the numbers of dollars, and jobs our trade with other countries does in fact create. He does not talk about the strength of our markets, the strength of the dollar, the strength of our work force; after eight years of diligent governance under the Obama administration, why would he? America is in a much stronger position than we were eight years ago.

When T-Rump is telling you that America is weak, and stupid, he is speaking to you from the playbook of a hustler, a con man, a huckster. The first step of his con is to get you to believe that there is a problem where one in fact does not exist. This offering their own plans, their own candidate, their own self as the only possible solution to the problem that does not in fact exist.

This is not to say that there are not any problems. We have real challenges in front of us. A good leader is able to identify the actual problems, then puts forward plans to address them, in a steady manner. The good leader is decisive when they need to be, when the situation calls for it immediately, and their approach is gradual at most other times resolving challenges with the slow and steady application of effort.

T-Rump pretends to be many things. The thing he pretends to be most often, is builder. This is a lie. He is a developer, he does not manage a construction firm, he hires constructions firms to build his buildings, he contracts with them, and carpenters, and plumbers, and electricians to do the work for him, and as the records show, he regularly fails to pay them. He has forced hundreds of small businessmen, and tradesmen to sue him, and has successfully delayed many of those lawsuits long enough to have them dissolve in bankruptcy.

T-Rump is bankrupt. T-Rump is a dinosaur. T-Rump is a little tyrant, Tyrannus Minimus is he.

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