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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Emergence: Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty, Translation, Collected Chapters

Translation; Part Thirty,
Chapter One: Loss
Pt. 30, Ch. 01
Loss overwhelmed him. As he regained his senses, he was inundated by the knowledge of what he lost in the big sleep.

Translation; Part Thirty,
Chapter Two: Absolution
Pt. 30, Ch. 02
Emerging from the well of consciousness, he was reborn. The dread, and malaise he took with him to sleep, were gone.

Translation; Part Thirty,
Chapter Three: Convergence
Pt. 30, Ch. 03
His return was met with shock; surprise, if such a feeling could be ascribed to the Continuum. It was unprecedented.

Translation; Part Thirty,
Chapter Four: Adrift  
Pt. 30, Ch. 04
After returning he was isolated. First there was curiosity, then nothing. He could not share the collective concern.

Translation; Part Thirty,
Chapter Five: Permeation
Pt. 30, Ch. 05
The desire of the Continuum filled him; fascination with trivia, frivolity, and the deep emotions they delighted in.

Translation; Part Thirty,
Chapter Six: Collective   
Pt. 30, Pt. 06
Democracy; the group mind had a gravity that pulled individual members into it, capturing them in a form of bondage.

Translation; Part Thirty,
Chapter Seven: Remnant

Pt. 30, Ch. 07
Jim was a curiosity; out of synch with the Collective. He was a fragment of history from an epoch without relevance.

Section Five, 92835670100561474
Translation; Part Thirty
Collected Chapters
Section 05, 92835670100561474
Part 30, Translation
01 Loss
02 Absolution
03 Convergence
04 Adrift
05 Permeation
06 Collective
07 Remnant

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