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Friday, August 26, 2016

Emergence: Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-two, Abnegation, Collected Chapters

Abnegation; Part Thirty-two,
Chapter One: Penalty
Pt. 32, Ch. 01
In time he was discovered; entering the experiences of others, a taboo none thought could be crossed. He was jailed.

Abnegation; Part Thirty-two,
Chapter Two: Release
Pt. 32, Ch. 02
The Collective recognized his uniqueness; took responsibility for abandoning him after he had awoken, and freed him.

Abnegation; Part Thirty-two,
Chapter Three: Nothing
Pt. 32, Ch. 03
Before The Collective gave judgement, he was isolated; sequestered, cut off. There was silence, darkness, emptiness.

Abnegation; Part Thirty-two,
Chapter Four: Peace  
Pt. 32, Ch. 04
In isolation he had time to contemplate; to examine his conscience, to come to terms with himself, and find purpose.

Abnegation; Part Thirty-two,
Chapter Five: Freedom
Pt. 32, Ch. 05
Untethered from the collective, from the pressure of its passions, the fears slumbering within it; he found himself.

Abnegation; Part Thirty-two,
Chapter Six: Purpose   
Pt. 32, Pt. 06
In isolation he found purpose; a desire to remember, understand, experience real-life, and to destroy the Continuum.

Abnegation; Part Thirty-two,
Chapter Seven: Destruction

Pt. 32, Ch. 07
Jim came to himself, by abandoning the Collective; in the same way as he had learned to come out of the great sleep.

Section Five, 92835670100561474
Abnegation; Part Thirty-two
Collected Chapters
Section 05, 92835670100561474
Part 32, Abnegation
01 Penalty
02 Release
03 Nothing
04 Peace
05 Freedom
06 Purpose
07 Destruction

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