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Saturday, August 27, 2016

May You Live in Interesting Times ~ Ancient Curse Part Three

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May You Live in Interesting Times ~ Ancient Curse

Part Three

The Associated Press put out a story this week; insinuating that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave special access to people who were donors to charitable foundations her family had started.

It blew up on the air waves for a day or so, and then went up in a puff of “Mehh…” because there was no evidence of wrongdoing, criminality, ethics violations, or anything else, just bad politics, and not the kind of bad politics that hurts people. No one was suggesting that the Clinton Foundation, or the Clinton Global Initiative do bad work. They are well respected around the world. It was just bad politics in the sense that it created a bad public image for the Democratic Party’s nominee. It made for bad PR.

It was ridiculous.

In the meantime; Senator Bernie Sanders got together with the political action group he is attempting to organize in the wake of his failed bed for the Democratic Party’s nomination. The group is called Our Revolution, it is intended to harness the political power of Bernie Sanders’ supporters to help elect progressive candidates down ballot, and into local offices.

Bernie hoped to organize TV parties nation-wide, with millions of viewers in attendance. He intended to encourage them to pull together, even as they were falling apart over questions of leadership, in-fighting, and who would control the agenda.

For all of you ultra-left progressives who are still smarting over the fact that your guy lost; be happy that he did. The soft implosion of his Our Revolution organization is exactly what would have happened to any organization he tried to put together if he had won. Political actors on the far left, those who are always trying to push us toward a third party, toward a Green party, a Jill Stein, a Ralph Nader; they are by their nature, quitters. When they lose a bid for something they throw their hands up in protest and quit. They have all quit on Bernie now, and they would have quit at the first sign of anything that was not indicative of their getting their way. The virtue of partisanship is sticktoitivness. Hang together, through thick and thin, preserve your strength and energy for the win.

Donald Trump; the T-Rump this week reorganized his campaign and threw in with the right wing extremists of Britebart News. White supremecists, neo-nazis, the Ku Klux Klan; while out of the otherside of his mouth he began calling HRC a bigot.

The campaign is deteriorating into a celebration of the bizarre.      

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