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Sunday, September 18, 2016

May You Live in Interesting Times ~ Ancient Curse (Part Five)

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May You Live in Interesting Times ~ Ancient Curse

Part Five

The campaign for the presidency stayed interesting this week, and dismaying.

Former 1st lady, former Senator, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign trail after taking a few days of rest to recuperate from a bout of bacterial pneumonia. She had to take some time off to rest and recover, even in the midst of republican conspiracies that have been circulating about her health, her physical strength, the limits of her endurance, and her stamina.

Hillary Clinton did not want to show weakness; this is both understandable, and forgivable. However, her flagging health fed directly into the rumors her opponents had been circulating against her.

She responded by taking her rest, releasing an update to her health records, and the coming back to the campaign in force. Meanwhile her opponent, Donald Trump, T-Rump, issued a new health summary that lied about his height, his weight, and in his typical macho-man fashion, his testosterone level. Because he lies so much, the entire report may well be false.

It is the middle of September, and there is only slightly more than one and a half months to go until election day, and at this late point in the campaign the media is finally figuring out that they have a responsibility to call T-Rump on his lies, or at least some of them. They did not call him out on the obvious lies written in his health summary.

Many journalists have however called T-Rump out for lying about Hillary Clinton, lying about the role her 2008 presidential campaign played in promoting the conspiracy theory that our President; Barrack Obama, is not a citizen, and therefore not eligible to be President of the United States.

T-Rump was himself the chief promoter of that conspiracy. He promoted it arduously, for many years, while at the same time promoting the idea, that he is secretly a Muslim, secretly in league with the terrorists who threaten our citizens, and our interests around the world, secretly not a graduate of Harvard University, and so forth, and so on.

This week, with one sentence, T-Rump tried to escape responsibility for that, and blame Hillary instead. It was sad, it was pathetic, it was obvious, and utterly false.

The man is a shameless liar.

The media seemed to catching on this week. The began to call T-Rump out for these obvious lies, and they have begun to talk openly about his habit of lying. The question remains, can they keep it up? Will they be able to challenge him and his people whenever they lie? Can they investigate his pattern of fabrications? Will they be able to hold him accountable?

T-Rump ended his week by suggesting that Hillary’s Secret Service detail be disarmed, musing about what would likely happen to her if they were not armed, feeding into a pattern of his, wherein he suggests possible avenues of violence that could be directed toward her, and seeming to delight in it.

T-Rump will not be satisfied if he does not win. He would rather see his opponent killed than lose, and if he does win, he threatens to lock her up, to silence any possible avenues of dissent coming from her, her camp, or her supporters.

They are interesting, sad, and doleful times.

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