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Friday, October 21, 2016

Emergence: Section Six, The Empire; Part Forty, Faith, Collected Chapters

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter One: Indoctrination
Pt. 40, Ch. 01
Born a pleb; he fought the empire. It made him a star. He entered service; as a bureaucrat, and soldier, and priest.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Two: Dogma
Pt. 40, Ch. 02
He made his vow, took holy orders, immersed himself in the priesthood; feelings stirring inside. Truth set him free.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Three: Rites
Pt. 40, Ch. 03
He took the ritual seriously, as he did everything during his career. He knew they were empty, meaningless gestures.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Four: Mystery  
Pt. 40, Ch. 04
He was indoctrinated into the deepest mysteries; of salvation, and eternal life. He learned nothing, they were lies.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Five: Belief
Pt. 40, Ch. 05
He promoted the beliefs of the Empire; articulating the complex narratives that glued the imperial society together.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Six: Orthodoxy   
Pt. 40, Pt. 06
He learned the difference between belief and conviction; what you hold in your heart is not what you speak out loud.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Seven: Unknowing

Pt. 40, Ch. 07
There are no words available to articulate universal truth; every attempt to do so was both manipulative, and false.

Section Six, The Empire
Faith; Part Forty
Collected Chapters
Section 06, The Empire
Part 40, Faith
01 Indoctrination
02 Dogma
03 Rites
04 Mystery
05 Belief
06 Orthodoxy
07 Unkowing

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