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Friday, October 7, 2016

Emergence: Section Six, The Empire; Part Thirty-eight, General, Collected Chapters

General; Part Thirty-eight,
Chapter One: Foot Soldier
Pt. 38, Ch. 01
He lived in luxury he never imagined. Then they took it all away. He became a soldier, a new class, and went to war.

General; Part Thirty-eight,
Chapter Two: Yeoman
Pt. 38, Ch. 02
After one year in combat they pulled him off the line; the Continuum loved his heroism, but it feared for his life.

General; Part Thirty-eight,
Chapter Three: Medic
Pt. 38, Ch. 03
He was a good yeoman, but having seen him as a soldier, hero; the Collective wanted more. He went to war as a medic.

General; Part Thirty-eight,
Chapter Four: Calvary  
Pt. 38, Ch. 04
As a rebel, a soldier; he mastered fear. As a medic he never shrank. His audience loved him, propelled him to glory.

General; Part Thirty-eight,
Chapter Five: Pilot
Pt. 38, Ch. 05
In the cavalry he mastered every type of combat craft; land, sea, air-space. His comrades worshipped him like a god.

General; Part Thirty-eight,
Chapter Six: Aide de Camp   
Pt. 38, Pt. 06
He retired from combat patrols as the greatest Ace of the Empire, returning to the bureaucracy; groomed for command.

General; Part Thirty-eight,
Chapter Seven: Field Marshall

Pt. 38, Ch. 07
He was elevated to Imperial Commandant. It was whispered; he was of the Continuum, an angelic messenger; a holy man.

Section Six, The Empire
General; Part Thirty-eight
Collected Chapters
Section 06, The Empire
Part 38, General
01 Foot Soldier
02 Yeoman
03 Medic
04 Calvary
05 Pilot
06 Aide de Camp
07 Field Marshall

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