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Friday, October 14, 2016

Emergence: Section Six, The Empire; Part Thirty-nine, Priest, Collected Chapters

Priest; Part Thirty-nine,
Chapter One: Oblate
Pt. 39, Ch. 01
They raised him to the priesthood. Once again, he started on the lowest rung. He was tonsured; marked with humility.

Priest; Part Thirty-nine,
Chapter Two: Novice
Pt. 39, Ch. 02
He took vows; of poverty, of obedience. He entered the sacred order; was initiated in the mysteries. He was servant.

Priest; Part Thirty-nine,
Chapter Three: Brother
Pt. 39, Ch. 03
There was the priesthood, and the holy orders, he always went deep. He followed the paths of mystery, and austerity.

Priest; Part Thirty-nine,
Chapter Four: Sister  
Pt. 39, Ch. 04
Since his days as a rebel, he was obedient, a follower, unquestioning, and then he met a woman, and he fell in love.

Priest; Part Thirty-nine,
Chapter Five: Ordained
Pt. 39, Ch. 05
He was initiated into the mysteries, and ordained into the order of the priesthood; an officiant of the sacred rite.

Priest; Part Thirty-nine,
Chapter Six: Abba   
Pt. 39, Pt. 06
His affair with the nun was illicit. It captivated his audience. They ensured it would continue. They made him Abba.

Priest; Part Thirty-nine,
Chapter Seven: Overseer

Pt. 39, Ch. 07
He advanced despite his carnal crimes. The Continuum loved the intrigues of his cover-ups. They made him a Cardinal.

Section Six, The Empire
Priest; Part Thirty-nine
Collected Chapters
Section 06, The Empire
Part 39, Priest
01 Oblate
02 Novice
03 Brother
04 Sister
05 Ordained
06 Abba
07 Overseer

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