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Saturday, October 8, 2016

May You Live in Interesting Times ~ Ancient Curse (Part Seven)

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May You Live in Interesting Times ~ Ancient Curse

Part Seven

The news broke yesterday; Donald Trump, T-Rump, in his own words, talking about women. He was riding on a tour bus with a television host; Billy Bush, from Access Hollywood.

It was eleven years ago, T-Rump was beginning his reality T.V. climb to fame; his show appearing on NBC, the same network as Access Hollywood, together they were visiting the set of another NBC show, the day-time soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

Billy Bush, of the Bush dynasty, he was riding on the bus with T-rump. They were talking informally, but the microphone was turned on. It captured their conversation.

T-rump was waxing on about his triumphs and failures at seducing famous women. Billy Bush, laughing, was egging him on.

He talked about his desire to fuck this married women, how he approached her tried to seduce but failed. He was clearly keen on the idea of sleeping with married women; himself, on his third marriage at the time.

As the bus pulled up to the lot, and stopped; the tow of them could see the woman from the soap opera that was coming out to meet them. They began to comment on her good looks, her long legs, and so forth.

T-Rump insisted he needed some tick tacks, he began to talk about impulses to grope and kiss women he found beautiful, he described his behavior as something he could not control. Like a magnet I am attracted to beauty, he said. He said, I moved on that woman like a bitch. He said, sometimes I just reach out and grab them by the pussy. He went on, and on, admitting to a history and habit of groping, and sexual assault.

T-Rump, has been trying to defend himself ever since the news broke; offering half hearted, ill conceived apologies, suggesting his behavior was no different than former president Bill Clinton’s (who was worse), he said.

The incident is yet another wrinkle in the fabric of this election, one which shows that the Republican party, which nominated him, is morally bankrupt and completely of ideas. The G.O.P., once the party of evangelical Christians, is now the party of T-Rump, and it does not know what to do.


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