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Saturday, October 22, 2016

May You Live in Interesting Times ~ Ancient Curse (Part Nine)

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

We are in the last three weeks of the campaign for President of the United States.

Last week marked the end of the presidential debates between the Democratic Party’s nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; and the Republican Party’s nominee, television personality Donald Trump, the T-Rump. The two of them wrapped up the third and final debate, in what was the most substantive of their contests, in which both candidates performed better than they had in the previous two debates, even though T-Rump continued to talk fact-free, to fidget, to sniffle, to cast insults, call names, and at the end suggested that he would not concede the race if he lost.

This would be a first in American politics, it is a threat to cyclical, peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next that has been the hallmark of our Republic.

This is not new for T-Rump. During the primaries, while he eventually promised to support the Republican nominee, if it should turn out to not be him; after that promise was extracted from him, he began to cast doubt on it by suggesting that he would not support the nominee if he lost in a contest that he deemed to be unfair.

T-Rump knows he losing, but he cannot entertain the thought, his mental illness is such that he can only admit to losing if the conditions were not fair; in which case he did not lose at all, but he was cheated.

His rhetoric three weeks before the election has encouraged people in the crowds at his rallies to suggest that if T-Rump loses there will be an armed revolution, that Hillary should be forcibly removed from office, and the government should be overthrown.

T-Rump has not called for the violent overthrow of the government. But he has not condemned the people in his crowds who are speaking this way. And he has told Hillary that if by some miracle he should win, he would lock her up, put her in jail; despite the fact that she has never been charged with a crime.

I believe that Donald Trump is a threat to our Democracy. While he promotes himself as a defender of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution; an appeal to his armed and radical followers, whom he has asked to provide “2nd Amendment remedies” on his behalf should he lose; at the same time he threatens to lock up journalists, deny the freedom of the press, approve standards of religious persecution, commit torture, deny people due process and etc…

Vote…Bury Donald Trump in a landslide! 

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