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Saturday, October 1, 2016

There is Hope in Space

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There is Hope in Space

The world reached a tipping point in the amount of greenhouse gasses that are lingering in the atmosphere.

The newspapers said we had passed a point of no return. This is not exactly true, we can sequester those gasses again, it will just take millions of years.

The changes in our atmosphere, in the global heat index, these are things we can adapt to. This means that we are on the brink of an evolution in the species homo sapient sapient in the very near future (near in relation to geological time). We will survive the changes that are coming, we will survive them, and we will evolve, but long before the physical evolution sets in, we will undergo incredible change along the lines of our social order.

We are going to see an incredible shift in agriculture and food distribution; in energy production and consumption; in information and militancy, and policing. These changes will come in conjunction with massive upheavals in the distribution of the human population throughout the world.

We are already living in a time of unprecedented human migration; due to war, famine, and scarcity. People are on the move looking for work, safety, a better life; a chance to live in peace, and raise their families. We will be adding to these causes of migration soon; as coastlines disappear, and entire nations are swallowed by the oceans and seas.

Our own country will be affected by this in ways few of us are anticipating. As the southern coastal states become uninhabitable, millions of people will be on the move; upsetting the well-defined cultural boundaries that everyone is used to now, red-state, blue-state, these comfortable norms will lose their meaning, there will be violence, strife, contention because of this.

It is coming, and our country is so ideologically divided at this time that we are unable to lay down plans to address it in advance.

There are a few visionaries directing their fortunes to finding a path for human beings, they are looking for an exit, for us, among the stars.

There is water on Europa, it is likely that there is life as well. They are preparing the way, to bring humans to Mars, and therein lies our salvation.
These are the endeavors that can shape the evolution of our culture, forging us into a united society. Allowing us to persevere even in the midst of the radical change that is coming our way. If there is no escape valve, no pressure release, no common cause to bring us together, no aspiration to drive us, we will cook down here and fester. We will survive, but we will be doomed.

May you live in interesting times, it is an ancient curse, we are living in the most interesting times of all, the rapidity of change is outpacing or ability to keep up with it.

What is constant is this; love what is good, and seek what is just, be humble, and giving, and kind. The resolution to what ails us can be found in these.

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