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Friday, December 2, 2016

Emergence: Section Seven, War; Part Forty-six, Conflict, Collected Chapters

Conflict; Part Forty-six,
Chapter One: Threat
Pt. 46, Ch. 01
The Observers were millions of people. They were first to sense the collapse, they reacted with the powers they had.

Conflict; Part Forty-six,
Chapter Two: Protection
Pt. 46, Ch. 02
Observers in positions of power marshalled their forces to protect the Central Planet, the Collective and Continuum.

Conflict; Part Forty-six,
Chapter Three: Aggression
Pt. 46, Ch. 03
As The imperial fleet dropped into the central system; a wing rebelled, fixed arms on the commander and opened fire.

Conflict; Part Forty-six,
Chapter Four: Defense  
Pt. 46, Ch. 04
It was mayhem, and was unprecedented. The greatest part of the armada turned toward the attackers and joined battle.

Conflict; Part Forty-six,
Chapter Five: Confusion
Pt. 46, Ch. 05
Millions died in the assault. Starships burst into flame; suddenly extinguished in the vacuum of space. It was done.

Conflict; Part Forty-six,
Chapter Six: Reaction   
Pt. 46, Pt. 06
On every world, priests struggled to make sense of things. Those who could not see the change, were met with knives.

Conflict; Part Forty-six,
Chapter Seven: Purpose

Pt. 46, Ch. 07
The battles devastated the aristocracies on every world; the survivors pressed their victory against the Collective.

Section Seven, War
Conflict; Part Forty-six
Collected Chapters
Section 07, War
Part 46, Conflict
01 Threat
02 Protection
03 Aggression
04 Defense
05 Confusion
06 Reaction
07 Purpose

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