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Friday, December 16, 2016

Emergence: Section Seven, War; Part Forty-eight, Strategy, Collected Chapters

Strategy; Part Forty-eight,
Chapter One: Ground
Pt. 48, Ch. 01
Jim watched the drama unfold. The battle was spectacular. His aim was to draw the fleet in, and grind it to nothing.

Strategy; Part Forty-eight,
Chapter Two: Time
Pt. 48, Ch. 02
The ambush was over. The victory was clear. The rebels had no plan accept to deploy the fleet against the Continuum.

Strategy; Part Forty-eight,
Chapter Three: Light
Pt. 48, Ch. 03
The Continuum was paralyzed. Jim was free to direct the defenses of the central planets, placing them on auto pilot.

Strategy; Part Forty-eight,
Chapter Four: Space  
Pt. 48, Ch. 04
The senior commanders were all Observers, except one. They betrayed the people out of opportunism. They had no code.

Strategy; Part Forty-eight,
Chapter Five: Movement
Pt. 48, Ch. 05
Jim absolutely opposed the Continuum and its Imperium. He allowed the fleet in, just so that it could be eliminated.

Strategy; Part Forty-eight,
Chapter Six: Supply   
Pt. 48, Pt. 06
All readings confirmed a collapse in the Continuum, but the fleet could not scan the systems that were targeting it.

Strategy; Part Forty-eight,
Chapter Seven: Range

Pt. 48, Ch. 07
Jim wanted to destroy the fleet, and to send survivors back with the knowledge that it was he who had defeated them.

Section Seven, War
Strategy; Part Forty-eight
Collected Chapters
Section 07, War
Part 48, Strategy
01 Objective
02 Deployment
03 Maneuver
04 Code
05 Deception
06 Decipher
07 Engagement

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