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Friday, December 9, 2016

Emergence: Section Seven, War; Part Forty-seven, Tactics, Collected Chapters

Tactics; Part Forty-seven,
Chapter One: Ground
Pt. 47, Ch. 01
In war, ground determines all things. In space, ground is a euphemism for complex actions occurring in many vectors.

Tactics; Part Forty-seven,
Chapter Two: Time
Pt. 47, Ch. 02
Unified action was everything. A dance of great complexity, when done, those remaining were unsure of the next move.

Tactics; Part Forty-seven,
Chapter Three: Light
Pt. 47, Ch. 03
Around the Central Planet; the display of energies in the onslaught was followed by the absence of any light at all.

Tactics; Part Forty-seven,
Chapter Four: Space  
Pt. 47, Ch. 04
ZeroG combat, that was a misnomer. Gravity wells, singularities, artificial mass, such devices were key to victory.

Tactics; Part Forty-seven,
Chapter Five: Movement
Pt. 47, Ch. 05
In space, when you are maneuvering, not subject to gravity, where there is no resistance, everything is in motion.

Tactics; Part Forty-seven,
Chapter Six: Supply   
Pt. 47, Pt. 06
Anticipating a prolonged engagement, the fleet did not launch. During the insurrection, this mistake became obvious.

Tactics; Part Forty-seven,
Chapter Seven: Range

Pt. 47, Ch. 07
In the dynamic of ZeroG combat the range between opponent was in constant flux. Every victory created new obstacles.

Section Seven, War
Tactics; Part Forty-seven
Collected Chapters
Section 07, War
Part 47, Tactics
01 Ground
02 Time
03 Light
04 Space
05 Movement
06 Supply
07 Range

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