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Friday, December 30, 2016

Emergence – A Twitter Novel – Epilog

Epilog: Part One - Surrender

Epilog Pt.01
Kathy had one option. Feeling the psychic blow from the cataclysm on Earth, she surrendered. She had prepared for it.

Epilog: Part Two – Transmogrification
Epilog Pt. 02
She sensed her consciousness duplicating. She was both Earth’s channel, and the guide, becoming a new quantum-person.

Epilog: Part Three – Transformation
Epilog Pt. 03
Time was meaningless in the quantum field of the Continuum. Kathy became it, and ushered humanity into the collective.

Epilog: Part Four – Transcendence
Epilog Pt. 04
She ascended quietly, seamlessly flowing into every vestige of the construct that supported her mind and conscience.

Epilog: Part Five – Peace
Epilog Pt. 05
She felt the flood of humanity pouring through her, repopulating the Collective. Person by person she saved them all.

Epilog: Part Six – Death
Epilog Pt. 06
There was fear, but no pain as Kathy felt the death of her body, fear magnified by the end of the world, then release.#Emergence

Epilog: Part Seven – Bliss
Epilog Pt. 07
In the final stages of assuming the mantle of the Continuum, Kathy felt a sensation unlike any feelings before, pure.

Collected Parts
01 Surrender 
02 Transmogrification
03 Transformation
04 Transcendence
05 Peace
06 Death
07 Bliss

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