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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Sixth Week of Trump – Denial is the State of Play

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion
Over the course of this week, the week leading up to the vote of electors in the Electoral College, the news was given, and reports were made concerning the degree to which the Russian Government interfered with the election of 2016.
It has been reported, that all of the nation’s intelligence agencies, including the FBI and the CIA have concluded, with high confidence, that the Russian’s interfered with our election, with the aim of electing Donald Trump as president. They were not merely trying to cause chaos, but their aim was to disrupt elections across the country, throw the election for trump, and attack his potential pool of opponents going forward.
The FBI and the Cia together have said that the interference was directed at the highest level of the Russian government, indicating their President, Vladimir Putin, was himself responsible for the malignant behavior.
President Elect, Donald Trump, the T-Rump, his team and their surrogates, spent the entire week disparaging our intelligence services. Offering the suggestion that it is impossible to know anything regarding this espionage, and demanding proof.
But here is the thing, they have seen the proof. The proofs have been given, not to the general public, but to the White House, to T-Rump and his team (those that are authorized to receive classified briefings), the leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives, both democrats and republicans.
The demands for proof, that proof be given is a ploy to distract the American people, in my opinion, this is collusion. The burgeoning Trump administration is colluding with our adversary to perpetrate fraud on the American people, to confuse them into obsequiousness, in order to take advantage of their ignorance.
There are crimes being committed here, the crime may be treason.

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