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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year’s Day 2017

It is a day of beginnings.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

A small miscalculation at the outset, will cause you to miss your mark by a wide margin, and cause you to never reach your end, or to end in a place you never meant to be.

Great care must be taken at the beginning.

Be mindful of your aim.

It is a day of resolutions.

Doing is being, that is what Ray Bradbury said. To have done is not enough. You cannot lie about, and lie about the things you might just do someday. Do, and win the game.

Great things are achieved (and by great I mean great on any scale; socially, professionally, personally, spiritually, privately), arrived at, built, discovered, in a series of small, steady, consistent steps, and the steady application of effort.

Resolve to do something; be resolute.

Know this, life is a dance between contradictions.

The process is just as important as the goal.

The archer is only concerned with the object of their aim.

2017, it is an odd number. I mean it is both odd, as a numeral, and odd in that it portends to be a year marking a significant shift in the fabric of American life.

2017 marks a new era in American politics, in the American social order, in the American vision, and the American experience.

2017 is the sea change, denoting a transformation that has been taking place over many years, and launching that transformed America, suddenly, and dramatically, unexpectedly, into both the collective psyche, as well as the governing apparatus of the American social order.

It is the sort of dramatic shift that you might have thought would have come at the beginning of the century or the millennium, but no…it came 2017.

It is the new day, of the new year, the first in this new era, the era of unreality and Donald Trump. Only time will tell us if this is an anomaly, I do not think we can treat it as such.

It is not a Brave New World, thank goodness it is not a Huxlian World, it looks like a foolhardy world, more and more like an Orwelian World, and that might be worse.

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