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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Governing Power

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This week in politics:

The United States Senate votes to repeal and not replace key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, at a point in time that enrollment is at record high levels.

Donald Trump issues executive orders banning immigration and refugee status to people from: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia,, Sudan, Syria, Yemen (unless they are Christians, in which case they receive expedited consideration.

The United States has not experienced a terrorist assault from a citizens of these countries.

Countries whose citizens have attacked the united States; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey they are not on the list.

Donald Trump has nosiness interests in those countries.

Donald Trump issues an executive order initiating preliminary work on the T-Rump Wall.

The House of Representatives offers to fund the T-Rump Wall to the tune of 15 Billion dollars.

Donald Trump tells the President of Mexico via Twitter, to cancel his planned visit to the United States of he is not interested in talking about how Mexico will pay for the wall.

The President of Mexico cancels his planned visit.

Trump threatens a 20% tariff on all Mexican goods to pay for the wall, but that billed would be paid for by the purchaser (consumers in the United States), not the Mexican government.

Donald Trump issues an executive order putting in place a gag order restricting doctors serving in United States foreign missions from discussing abortion services with their patients.

Mike Pence speaks to a gathering of anti-choice activists in Washington D.C..

The House of Representatives introduces legislation guaranteeing the rights of personhood to a fertilized ovum, which, if enacted, would outlaw most forms of birth control, inclusing the pill, and IUDs.

The House of Representatives closes its investigation into the lead poisoning of Flynt Michigan’s water supply.

Russia decriminalizes domestic violence.

Donald Trump issues executive orders implementing a federal hiring freeze, restricting official communications, and access to reports from the Environmental Protection Agency, NASA, The United States Parks Service.

Donald Trump calls for a national investigation into voter fraud, asserting that 3 million votes were cast for his opponent by non-citizens. He offers no proof for his claim.

Donald Trump suggests that there should be criminal penalties for protesting.

The State of North Dakota considers a law decriminalizing the act of hitting a protester with your vehicle.

The beginning of the end…

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