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Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Ninth Week of Trump – Intelligence

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Donald Trump, the T-Rump, Trumplethinskin, the Trumplelumpagus, he and his Trumpanzees, they will be assuming the office of the President in two weeks.

The Twit in Chief.

The week began with T-Rump promising to reveal his “secret evidence” about the Russian espionage, the things that only he knew about the things that had transpired during the campaign.

During the week he continued to defend the Russians, and the operator of Wiki Leaks, Julian Assange (accused rapist and fugitive). He continued to denigrate the United States intelligence services, all of them, questioning both their work and their political motivations.

At the end of the week he received a briefing from them. It was Friday, he started the day by tweeting about the ratings of his show, Celebrity Apprentice, bragging about how his rating had been better than those of the new host, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He received the briefing and continued to refuse to share his “secrets evidence.” He is a liar, he has no evidence, he only has his lies, the lies he tells us, and the lies he tells himself, along with the lies his handlers, the Russians and their proxies share with him.

Former heads of our intelligence services have said, that the agencies cannot do their work in the highly politicized and partisan environment that T-Rump is creating.

T-Rump is working against the American people, against our interests, harming our institutions, for seemingly no other purpose than his vanity. Or if there is a strategic purpose, again it is only to serve his interests, to create chaos, and sew confusion, so that he may effect his will without being challenged.

T-Rump is no employing the same tactics that he uses to generate doubt concerning journalists, who report give factual reporting on his activities and his speeches, to discredit any and all agencies of the federal government who might possibly issues a finding against him.

T-Rump is a disaster for America, and a boon for his Russian handlers, the Russian bankers, the Russian Mafia, the KGB/GRU.

I have a question for you: Did the co-opting of Donald Trump by the Russians begin with his marriage to Melania? Let this be an open question.

With our intelligence services now openly discredited by the president elect, how will we move forward with the defense of our nation on any kind of footing.

This administration must be put in check by the other branches of government. I call on senators Mc Cain and Graham and other patriots who are as disturbed as I am, to forgo their party, become independents, caucus with the democrats senators so that the American people have the opportunity to make it through this administration with a reasonable degree of security.

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