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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Women’s March

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

A half a million marchers showed up today in Washington D.C., with one million people marching across the country in solidarity with them.
It is amazing display of American unity. It speaks to our greatness as a country, our strength as a people, a people whose conscience has been outraged by the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.
T-Rump’s occupation of the White House cannot go unchallenged. Every tool we have must be brought into play to show the world, and the leadership in government, that the majority of Americans did not vote for T-Rump, he governs without consent.
Mothers and daughters, girlfriends and wives, sisters and friends, partners, marched together today. They marched through the streets of dozens of cities, in dozens of countries around the world. The people, talking and shouting, and raising their signs, it is a moment to remember, to take solace in, to be energized by, to serve us in the years to come.
My lady is there. Dozens of my friends are marching, in D.C., here at home, everywhere. We are not taking the travesty of the 2016 elections laying down. We are ready right now to march and fight, and regain control of the future of this country.
This is imperative.
Our future cannot be left in the hands of a deranged demagogue, and that is what Donald Trump is. Delusional and damaged, he is a threat to the Republic.
I watched him speak at the CIA headquarters today. The news channels broke away from the march to cover his comments live, and I hope to no-one’s surprise, he lied, and he lied, and he told more lies.
He lied about the number of people who showed up to watch his inauguration, he lied about how many times he has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. He told the CIA he was in a feud with the media, once again calling the reporters “disgusting people.” He relitigated his false claims about the presidential campaign. He spent a good deal of time calling every one lovely and beautiful, and claiming that he would be their champion, the best ever T-Rump would say, “believe me.”
Never believe a thing he says.

Today’s moment is a spark of light, a million sparks at the fall of the night. Watch it grow. Stand its glow. A roaring fire is to follow.

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