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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fake President – Part One

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Donald Trump is a liar and a dangerous provocateur. T-Rump is a threat to the Republic.
 In a tweet on Friday, February 17th, T-Rump declared that the free press is an “enemy of the people.”
 I support a free press. Am I an enemy of the people? No, the answer is no. I ordered my subscription to the New York Times the next day, and I gave one away as a gift. I support a free press, and I am not an enemy of the people.
I am a veteran. I swore an oath to defend the constitution, I took that oath seriously. The person occupying the oval office, against the will of the majority of voters, that person took an oath as well, but he was lying through his teeth when he did.
T-Rump wails and whines against reporters who are simply reporting the things he says. He calls it “fake news,” as if he were engaged in a marketing strategy, as if he were attempting to brand something, to label it, without regard to the facts at all.
He himself is fake. He overstates the value of his holdings when he is bragging about himself, he understates the value of his holdings when it comes time to pay property taxes.
He promises things he does not deliver; he has not shown us his tax returns. He did not divest himself of his business interests, he is still making deals, both in foreign countries and at home. He has put his own interests above his party, above national security, above the well-being of his country.
T-Rump is a fake president. He cannot open his mouth without lying. When he is caught in a lie in real-time, he casts blame on some unknown person. He lied just three days ago, stating that his 306 electoral college votes was the biggest since Ronald Regan, and that was false. President Obama got more twice. He quickly said he meant “among republicans,” and that was false, George H.W. Bush got far more, so he brushed it off and blamed “someone.”
T-Rump is a fake, a phony, a fraud, a charlatan…He won the election on a technicality, he lost the popular vote. He cannot accept this, and he lies about it every time the topic comes. He imagines, that millions of illegal immigrants voted in California, and that tens of thousands of people were bussed into New Hampshire to vote illegally in order to swing the election there to Hillary.
Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russian government in order to influence the election in Donald Trump’s favor. All of the facts on this have yet to come out, but watch the story unfold.
Donald Trump, is fake, illegitimate and a threat to the Republic. It is the duty of all Americans to stand against the Trump regime. All Americans of good conscious, must seek the means to remove him from office.
We cannot accept attacks on the press, attacks on the courts, the undermining of our sovereignty, the subversion of the democratic process.
We are not a plutocracy, but that is what they are attempting to foist on us.

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