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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fake President – Part Two

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

For the second week in a row, the fake president, D. T – Rump, called the American Press, an enemy of the people.
It would be bad enough if he were saying that the press as an enemy of his administration (which it is not), it would be bad enough if he were to characterize the press as his enemy, personally (which they are not). Donald Trump has doubled down on his claim that the American Press, in exercising their duty and discretion to keep the American people informed about what their government is, is an enemy of the people.
This is a naked attempt to subvert the institutions that keep us free.

Definition of enemy:

1:  one that is antagonistic to another; especially:  one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent
2:  something harmful or deadly <alcohol was his greatest enemy>
3 a:  a military adversary b:  a hostile unit or force
While the press may have an antagonistic relationship with the fake president, and his fake administration, they press is not set on injuring it or overthrowing it, but merely in holding accountable to the people, and the laws that govern the country.
The greater threat is subversion of the law, the electoral process, the courts, and the constitution; those movements are what is deadly to democracy, and our republic. The press is not attempting anything on that scale, but the fake president, T – Rump is.
T – Rump gets on television, or the radio, or his twitter feed and lies to the American people every day. He lies about what he has done, what he has achieved, or failed to achieve. He blames other people for his problems. He lies about his intentions. When he is engaged in these behaviors it is not the press he is attempting to confound, it is the ability of the people to make informed judgments about his actions in office that he is attempting to overthrow.
When the press exposes those lies, they are not out to injure T – Rump, they are defending America. The work that they do is constitutionally protected, as such they have a duty to carry it out.
When T – Rump attacks the legitimacy of the courts, the legitimacy of our elections, takes money from foreign governments and monarchs, subverting the statutes of our government, and the constitution itself, he exposes himself as the enemy of the people, antagonistic to our way of life, and an opponent of the social and civic norms that regulate the use of power in our country.
The Fake President must be stopped.

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