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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Infinite, I and I, We are One

 We are sensory beings, conditioned by time, bound by space.

We are limited in every conceivable way. Embodied, we are organic machines.

Our understanding of the universe is wholly determined by our subjective experience, by our language game, and our cultural context, by the limits of the flesh.

What we think of as real, may not be real at all, just a figment of our imagination.

Nevertheless, what is ultimately real is discernible by us, communicable by us, to us, from one person to another.

Some argue that this is impossible, suggesting that each of us creates and maintains an individual, unique, and disconnected version of “reality.”

This is relativism, and I disagree.

No matter how compartmentalized, partitioned, unique, and individualized my understanding of the universe may be, we are nevertheless talking about our understanding of the universe, not ourselves. We are talking about our understanding of the reality that we share, the thing that binds us together as co-existing, co-creative beings.

We may each interpret the universe we share, separately and apart, but we did not create it.

The universe created us, unplanned, and utterly random, it gave birth to us.

We may each arrive at different understandings of the meaning and purpose of our lives, but there is meaning and purpose nonetheless.

The universe is the ground of all being, we share that in relation to each other.

I am not the source of my own existence. I am not complete in myself.

I am only complete in relation to the whole, the whole to which you and I belong.

I am not the source of the infinite. I am from it. The source dwells within me, dwells within you, the whole is in the part, is in I and I.  

We dwell within the infinite, awash in it. We choose our own way. We lend our distinctiveness to it. We are the co-creators of each other’s lives.    

I am not, without you.
To know one’s self is to know the infinite, and to serve the another is to serve the same.

Look closely, listen carefully…observe, we are not alone.

We are connected to every other being, at every other time, in every other place in the cosmos.

We are connected because we are.

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