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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fake President – Part IV

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Fake President – Part IV
T-Rump was quiet this week.
He maintained the bald lie that the Obama Administration had his phones tapped during the presidential campaign.
He could not get anyone to back his play. Not even the usual suspects, K-Con, or his press secretary, people who get paid to lie for him, not even they would go down the rabbit hole on that story.
The FBI director asked the Justice Department to formally refute the fake president’s lies. The Attorney General was silent.
The deposed National Security Advisor revealed that he was a paid agent of a foreign government while he was advising T-Rump on the campaign. He was in the pocket of Turkey, they paid him $500,000, and he shilled for them the whole time.
The Fake administration claimed they did not know. However, it was revealed that Flynn told numerous people, including the White House Counsel.
It was revealed this week that a server in a bank owned by the Russian government made thousands of attempts to contact a server in Trump Tower, indicating a connection between the two entities that has yet to be explored. This is not new news. I heard this months ago, but it has become a part of the narrative now.
It was revealed this week that T-Rumps former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, worked closely with a Russian agent, who he knew to be a member of their military intelligence, the GRU.
It was revealed this week that during the Republic National Convention, a paid advisor to T-Rump successfully changed language in the party platform that softened the Republican Party’s position on the Russian occupation of the Crimean Peninsula.
The GRU intelligence officer was at the campaign.
The smoking gun has not been found, but the shell casings are being picked up everywhere, the ballistics analysis will be in soon.

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