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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fake President – Part V

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T-Rump was on the rampage again this week.

He has still refused to admit that he lied to the American people when he falsely accused President Barrack Obama of illegally wiretapping his office building. During his joint press conference with Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, when he was asked a question about the fabricated charges he had leveled against Obama, he attempted to pull her into his lie. He suggested in a joking manner, that he and the German Chancellor had both been the subject of wiretaps by the Obama administration.

Angela Merkel looked at him like he was crazy.

She did not respond to his repugnant remarks in any way.

T-Rump’s staff could be heard laughing loudly in the background. All American’s of good conscious were hanging their heads in shame.

Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, suggested that the reason that none of our intelligence services, law enforcement agencies, or the Justice department could not provide evidence of the wiretapping, was because Obama had the illegal activity conducted through his allies in the British Intelligence service.

Sean Spicer cited an interview on Fox News as his source of that information.

Within twenty-four hours he, along with the director of national intelligence, were walking those comments back. Great Britain, categorically denied the claims. Fox news distanced themselves from the commentator who made them, and Donald Trump was not taking any responsibility for the egregious error.

He said so in his press conference, no apology was made, his spokesman was not speaking for him, and Fox news was to blame.

Meanwhile, during the course of the week, the Congressional Budget office came out with their scoring of the T-Rump health care plan; twenty-four million people would lose their coverage, eighteen million in the first year; premiums would go up for the low income and the elderly, and the wealthy would receive massive tax breaks.

So much for his campaign promises to expand coverage and make insurance more affordable.

T-Rump is a fraud and a liar, a fraud and a liar is he, a Russian pawn, a crook and a thief.

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